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Soothe In Home Massage - The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

As a busy mom, I am always running around, cooking, cleaning and trying to run my website in my spare time. It's enough to make one exhausted! I know I often preach about "me time", but I don't always make it a priority like I should. I decided that enough is enough and chose to seek some immediate re-lax-ation.

Mama needs a massage, like, right now! 

I was graciously given the opportunity to try Soothe, an in home massage service that comes to you whether at home or work. This is perfect for Mothers Day! 

Basically, you go to the website or app and book a massage. You can choose between a female or a male.
Massage choices are:

Swedish massage
Deep Tissue
Soothe - at -Work

Prices are simple and include tip. $99 - 60 minutes, $139 - 90 minutes, and $169 - 120 minutes.

I was greeted by Amber from Soothe who would be performing my service. She was very professional and gave me privacy when I needed to change out of my clothing. Believe it or not ladies, I have never had a full body massage so this would be my first time. I think this girl deserves it, don't you?

I asked specifically for a light touch massage because I'm sort of a wimp when it comes to that deep tissue stuff and Amber obliged. My massage felt soothing and relaxing. I almost fell asleep but I didn't because I kept wondering if my phone was going to ring and abruptly wake me.

Overall, I felt very comfortable and would definitely recommend Soothe to anyone who would like to be pampered in the comfort of their own home.

Soothe is found in most major cities. Visit for more info.

Have you heard of Soothe before? Would you ever try and in home massage? 


  1. Never heard of this company before. I have had full body before at Spas. This price seems very good for a come to your home service! So glad you got to relax and did you know message is so healthy for you and helps flush your adrenals! Great review girl! #productreviewparty

  2. I never heard of this service but do know that in-home massages are very popular and very relaxing. #ProductReviewParty

  3. OMG I need one too. How did your masseuse feel about posing for your picture? LOL! My first massage, I was a little nervous. What do you mean I have to get completely naked?! But yeah, it makes sense. #productreviewparty

  4. This sounds really good,specially because it is a home massage service.Busy moms always unable to find 'me time' :)

  5. I never heard of this company before. Believe it or not, but I never had a full body massage before. I'm afraid it's going to hurt and have me sore for days. Good thing that Soothe massages lightly. #ProductReviewParty

  6. Oh I am so jeals, what a treat! I wish we had this in my area!

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