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Simple Ways to Look & Feel Your Best this Summer

We are in the middle of a heat wave across the country and I hope you're staying cool. All this hot weather can make us feel run down. But don't worry girlfriend, I've got you covered. I put together a list of my top blog posts that will help you look and feel great this summer.

Simple Ways to Look & Feel Your Best this Summer


7 Ways to Get Your Feet Right This Summer

Hot Weather Beauty Tips for a Fresh Summer Face

New in Beauty Summer Edition

3 Summer Braided Styles I Want to Wear So Bad!

Farmhouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Sugar Scrub

5 Ways to Get Super Smooth Skin by Summer

Self Care

Be Your Best Self This Summer


Summer's Must Have Accessories 

Easy Flower Clip Tutorial

What's your favorite summer post? How are you handling summer so far?

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  1. Yes, self care is so important. I liked your "Be Your Best Self" post ... you're right we need to stay hydrated, it's hawt out there.

  2. This is a great post list! I am GOING to hit some up because girl.... I have let myself go lately :-( so much stress going on and then the heat too. This post is perfect timing for me. I need some serious self care. And for my hair this summer all I have been doing to it to beat the heat is braid it or BUN it! Lol

  3. Self care has been on my agenda a lot this week. I've been jet lagged from traveling and it's been over 100 here in Dallas so I'm beat!

  4. This heat is awful and it seems the best way to take care of myself is stay inside but these are great tips.

  5. I definitely needed that 7 ways to get your feet right post. Do you have any tips for managing makeup in this heatwave because I'm trying to find a balance?

  6. I am all about self care and taking care of me. Outside of my writing time it is my me time... its essential.

  7. I need the post about getting your feet right as well! I have been trying to be "financially fit" when it comes to my pedicures but ultimately I succumb to the nail shop.

  8. Summer's Must Have Accessories is my favorite. New accessories is something that I always look forward to as the seasons change. I'm addicted to sunnies too.

  9. Thanks for sharing these! I can't wait to check out the self-care post. That's something I'm really trying to get into.


  10. I am definitely going to have to check these posts out. I always try to look my best especially during the summer.

  11. I have been using different products on my hair and skin. It has been really hot as of late to so have to take extra care of my skin.


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