Practical College Essentials for Guys

College is starting up very soon. For me, that means two kids in college. You may have seen my daughter and I picking out dorm room decorations, but now it's time for me to talk about what my college bound son may need.

Practical College Essentials for Guys

1. 5-Piece Bed-In-A-Bag - Well you can't just sleep on the mattress, right?

2. Mesh Shower Caddy - To keep it all together.

3. Ironing Blanket - Because who has room for an ironing board.

4. Black & Decker Coffeemaker - Something every college student needs!

5. Laptop - A must have. Period.

6. Pop-Up Mesh Hamper - To keep those clothes off of the floor and all over the room.

7. Printer - No need to head to the library. Print your work right from your bedroom.

8. Bedrest - For late night studying.

9. Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover - Because you never know who slept there before you.

Do you have a college bound student in your home? 


  1. That ironing blanket is so neat. It looks like a real space saver for dorm life.

  2. Malik will be leaving on Friday and we hit up Dollar General and Walmart today, he wanted a new rug and picture and of course a Disco Ball - lol!

    1. Smart shopping. A disco ball? Lol, that's funny!


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