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Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balm Review

Hey everyone! Hope you're staying warm in these cool temps! Winter weather can do a number on your skin, especially your lips.

lip balm on a marble table

Farmhouse Fresh is introducing it's new lip balms and you know this lip balm addict was thrilled to receive samples to try out for myself.

Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balms

Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balms are 96% natural Paraben & Sulfate free and is made with jojoba oil and Shea butters. $15 each.

Coconut Beach Hydrating Lip balm has a pleasant coconut, tropical scent and Whoopie! Cream Hydrating Lip Balm smells like delicious hot cocoa to me. Yum!

The packaging on these babies are super cute y'all. Very classy and they look like a fancy lipstick tube. I've been using these frequently.

lip balm on a marble table


Smells good
goes on smooth
made with natural ingredients I love


a little waxy

I always love a good, natural product especially when it's made with Shea butter. But, I did find these just a tad bit waxy and more expensive for lip balm

Have you tried Farmhouse Fresh Hydrating Lip Balms yet?


  1. I love lip balms made with Shea Butter and have a few tubes in my purse now. #ProductReviewParty

  2. I haven't tried these. I rarely wear lip balm after breaking my lip balm addiction over 10 years ago. My lips only get dry when I don't drink enough water now.

  3. The wax can definitely throw you off. Great review. And thanks for your comment on my last post.

  4. Cute tubes, great price and formula sounds great and I am always using lip balm, especially in winter here in WA, but I don't care for the feel of a waxy balm. #ProductReviewParty

  5. I haven't tried these, but I typically don't wear lip balms anymore. At one point I was obsessed though and had quite the collection. Sorry to hear it was waxy though, especially if its a bit expensive.

  6. Thanks for reviewing! I love a good lip balm, but your cons about it being a bit too waxy and expensive have me thinking this may not be the best balm for me.

  7. I haven't tried these before, actually, I haven't heard of them. With it being waxy, it may not be good for me. Thanks for the honest review!


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