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No More Frumpy Mom: How to Dress Less Frumpy

When I was younger, I considered myself a stylish teen. I even made my own clothes and always got compliments. I prided myself on the fact that I could dress fashionable for less.

woman wearing white shirt with blue flowers

I was even nominated for "Best Dressed" in high school. It was a tie between me and another girl. I didn't win, but it was nice to know that people noticed and liked my style.

Fast forward 20+ years.

picture of a woman in frumpy clothes on with a large x on it

I hate to admit it but since I've become a mom, I have put more emphasis on everything and everyone else and put my looks aside. "As long as my hubby likes it that's all that maters", I'd say to myself. But how do I feel about myself?

Don't get me wrong, I do own some stylish, even sexy outfits, but I save them for special occasions. My everyday clothes used to consist of jogging suits, yoga pants, or a tee with jeans. That all changed last year when I decided to get rid of old habits. Because when you look good, honey, you feel good!

So what does it look like to be frumpy? Check out a few frumpy clothing examples.

Frumpy Outfit #1

woman wearing an orange shirt that is too small

This outfit isn't too bad but the shirt is too short and the pants are a bit tight in the midsection.  Ill fitting clothes = frumpy. If I wore a shirt that was long enough to cover my midsection, it would look more put together.

Frumpy Outfit #2

woman wearing pants that are too long

Can you spot the frump factor in this look? Yep, the pants are too wide, way too long and in desperate need of a hem. A quick trip to the tailor would fix this. If not, throw it out!

woman wearing a purple cold shoulder top

This is much better!

It's all about how you put your outfits together. Below, I'll share a few tips on how I made the switch to dressing more stylish.

Tips on How To Dress Less Frumpy

a closet full of clothes

1. Take a look at your closet and get rid of all your dated clothing, no matter how cute it was at one time.

2. Create an everyday uniform. A go-to look for you. This can be a simple pair of pants or leggings, and a cardigan and t-shirt. The idea is to make it cute yet comfortable enough for everyday use.

See: Everyday Mom Style: My Uniform

3. Use accessories to pull your look together. I have so many cute bracelets and necklaces and hardly wear them. Not anymore!

clothes in a large plastic bag

4. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, toss it. Enough said.

What I'm keeping? Jeggings, long and short sleeve tees. Sweaters, cardigans, leggings and jeans, with a few blouses that I can't bear to part with just yet.

So, no more wearing stylish outfits on special occasions only. Every day is a gift from God and I can look good and feel good about that!

a woman wearing a purple cold shoulder shirt

Have you ever struggled with dressing frumpy as a mom? How do you stay stylish?


  1. I just had this talk with myself a couple of weeks ago, crazy how becoming a mom changes EVERYTHING even your sense of style! I was off work for 3 years and fell into the yoga pants slump, now Im back working and trying to get back to my old fashionable self!

  2. Awesome! Love your new look...And, I agree, you look good, you feel good! I also, believe you have one life to live so live it...Wear those clothes, everyday is special! Thanks for sharing...

  3. I love those flats! I have to get it together. I did well my first year of law school, but now? Not so much. I have great pieces, but sweats feel so good... LOL

  4. These are all great tips. I refuse to look like a middle aged mama. No ma'am!

  5. Omg yes!!! I was just saying to my sisters how I'm due for a "glow up" in 2017, and I'm taking it very serious! I dress cute for work but outside of work I don't really care how I look. No more! The glow up is gonna be so real for us this year, you look GREAT!

  6. I've always been stylish but when I got pregnant with #1 I was frumpy as hell. After I had him I was back to my fashionable self. But I hated the pictures when I looked back on them because I looked a mess. I promised to maintain my style no matter what. When I had #2 I kept it cute the entire time. You are right, when you look good you feel good.

  7. I was JUST talking with my brother last night about getting rid of some clothes. Love the tips and the new look.

  8. I didn't think your outfits were frumpy! Especially the first one. The second one is just work attire. Your smile is amazing and so no matter what you have on you will attract people to you.

  9. Ohhhh look you serving up that shoulder action. Lol. Girl I am so guilty of all of this. My kids look like a million bucks and I look like I'm on the struggle bus. Thank you for this reminder.

  10. I've had these talks with myself a few times. I've even told my hubby that if he starts to see we leave the house looking like I do not care, initiate an intervention.😂 I'm slowly starting to come up with my own fashionable mom style and really loving it. And I totally agree, we should feel good about how we look everyday God gives us.

  11. Yes ma'am! No more frumpy.. Now lets talk about undergarments.

  12. I guess I'm in my frumpy stage right now (lol). My plan is to purge this weekend. If I haven't worn it in 6 months, it's outta here.

  13. I am a frumpy mom!! I have wear jeans and tee shirts everyday. I had a baby almost two years ago and I am always wearing my maternity pants. I have to do better. Thanks for the tips #productreviewparty

  14. You better do it, mom! You are looking fantastic, queen!

  15. Yep, I've been struggling with the frumpy look due to me being home more. I'm working on that now.


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