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Bowlero Eden Prairie Grand Opening Event

A family at Bowlero grand opening event

Last weekend, my family have the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Bowlero in Eden Prairie for a fun filled event full of bowling, music, and good eats.

This location used to be the Brunswick Zone XL bowling center and has newly improved renovations with upscale amenities, and a delicious menu. modern and perfect for family fun and events.

 a DJ playing music at Bowlero grand opening

A DJ gets the party started.

I can't take the coolness!

man bowling at Bowlero bowling alley

Time to get it in!

What can you find at the new Bowlero Eden Prairie Center?

*Over 32 lanes of blacklight bowling

*More than 50 of the newest and coolest state of the art arcade games

*A cutting-edge laser tag arena

*The "Go Crazy" menu that has specialties like the gigantic party pretzel and signature Behemoth Burger, a 5 pound 14 inch round patty burger.

*A high-end sports bar and lounge area and so much more

Baby girl is ready to bowl!

Former Viking Chris Carter speaking to fans

When the man of the hour showed up (Chris Carter) there were cheers galore!

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Chris Carter made a special appearance at the Bolero grand opening. Chris told guests that the reason he loved Bowlero was because it was all about family and that is something near and dear to his heart.

Chris Carter bowling at Bowlero bowling alley

Former Minnesota Viking Chris Carter showed us that he's got skills when it comes to bowling as well!

a picture of a pizza shaped like a cake

Guests were able to try outrageous eats from the "Go Crazy" menu. Have you ever seen a Pizza Cake?

two foot long coney hot dog

A two foot Coney Mega Hotdog smothered in Coney sauce, diced onions, basically the works.

a picture of pizza balls

These bad boys were stuffed with a sausage meatball, pepperoni, and more sausage.

a Bowling pin mascot at Bowlero bowling alley

MN Viking Chris Carter holding a huge cheesebuger

Chris Carter showing off the Behemoth Burger which is a 5lb., 14 inches round patty burger.

a five pound cheeseburger cut into slices

Whoa mama, now that's a big slice!

Chris Carter hands fan a cheeseburger

Chris Carter hands the first slice to a fan that was by far the best dressed one there.

My family also dined on pulled pork sliders, mozzarella sticks, and mango chipotle wing-a-ma-bobs. I tried the Frickles which were crunchy fried pickle spears served with a jalapeƱo ranch dipping sauce. The Strawberry Fusion and Watermelon Splash were sweet lemonades with added yummy goodness.

We had such a good time y'all! I would definitely recommend visiting your local Bowlero bowling center. We'll be returning very soon!

Former MN Viking Chris Carter with blogger at Bowlero event

For more information please call Bowlero Eden Prairie at 952-941-0445. Please visit

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  1. Thanks for sharing. You guys looked like you had a great time.

  2. Wow what a grand opening parrrtay! Woot you all look like you had some awesome family fun and that's what its all about!

  3. Looks like a fab place for a chill night out with the family! Such fun!

  4. This looks like a great place to have a family night. The food looks amazing I've never seen such delicious looking food at a bowling alley.

  5. Chris Cater whoa super cool! I love football so I would've been a little star struck lol...I love bowling and I can't take their coolness either the food! This looks like it would be a great place to host a birthday party!

  6. The pizza cake looks so good. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Beautiful pictures too!

  7. Bowlero looks like a lot of fun. I would definitely do this as a family day out or for a special birthday.

  8. I am so here for the DJ! I love a good bowling alley with music and lights and all the fun. We need one of these in our town.

  9. How cool is that you guys got to meet Chris Carter!

    We have a similar bowling alley in my area that just opened up with arcade games, restaurant, laser tags, etc. Always fun having a family day/night out!

    My kind of event! Glad you all had fun! #ProductReviewParty


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