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Friday, May 26, 2017

Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Review on Transitioning Hair

What's up y'all! Hope everything is good in your hood. Can I be real with you for a moment? I've been struggling with this whole relaxed-tryin-to-transition-to-natural thing. I haven't said much about transitioning from relaxed to natural because every time I try, I end up relaxing it.

a picture of a black hair straightening kit on a pink cloth

It's been four months since I had my last relaxer and I really needed something to help me keep my roots straight.  Seems like I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with my curly roots. Then I remembered seeing the product Naturally Straight online.

a picture of a black woman's new growth in hair

I first heard about Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight from Naturally Stellar. And I don't know why, but at the time I really wasn't looking to go natural. After my latest decision to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair I thought I would take a look at her review once again. I looked at several reviews online and YouTube. I decided to take the plunge and buy the product to see how it worked on my new growth.

I thought the process would be similar to relaxing my hair at home but it's completely different. Instead of applying lots of product, with Naturally Straight you have to be careful not to over saturate the hair. Putting too much product on your hair will cause it not to work.

 a hair straightening kit

Applying the leave in conditioner to only my new growth was very cumbersome but I made it work. I almost rinsed the conditioner out because I'm so used to washing and rinsing out relaxers. You have to let the conditioner set for 20 minutes then you blow dry your hair.

When I looked in the mirror at my hair after blow drying it I thought Okay, this doesn't look much different from my normal blow dry. I actually thought that this straightener doesn't work for me.

the results of a hair straightening kit

But girl let me tell you as soon as I started to flatten iron my hair I could see a noticeable difference! My hair was almost as straight as when I would relax my hair. No lie. Pardon the pun. My hair felt light and I had shakeability - (is that a word) and movement which is something that I have an experienced since transitioning my hair.


I wore my hair out and about and loved how it blew in the wind. The question was how will I keep this up? I can't flat iron my hair every day. Plus, the key to getting this product to work is to not get your hair wet because it will revert back to its naturally curly texture.

a black woman smiling after hair is done

The next day, I started noticing reversion around my edges after taking a shower. My hair moisturizer was also water based so...yeah. I put my hair back into my signature style - the ponytail - and it looked like a hot mess! I didn't add much moisturizer and no gel at all. It was starting to be too much to keep up. 

Oh well, I resumed my hair regimen, water, gel and all. It was nice while it lasted - for one day.

Did you transition your hair? How did it work for you?



  1. I used this system on my daughters hair a few years ago and it broke her hair completely off. It took almost three years to get her hair back right. I had to slowly trim all of the damaged ends off.. her hair went from down her back to her ears in a matter of two months. Good luck

    1. Whaat? Wow, that's crazy! I haven't had any problems other than it reverting really fast.

  2. You look great! I haven't heard of Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight hair products before. It's been 10 years since I've relaxed my hair, but it is always good to know which hair products are good for African American women. Your review is one I can share with friends I know who relax their hair. :)

    1. Thanks! This product can be used on natural hair too.

  3. I kind of transitioned. I had a lot of new growth and decided to cut off the perm after an international trip!

  4. Great product review. Sounds like an effective for natural hair.

  5. Wish I had known about this product when I was wearing my hair straight. But I may have to try it. I've been perm free for over 10 years and too much heat is not good for my hair. I wear weave as a protective style.

    1. Wow, 10 years is great! I can't wait to see how things end up for me.

  6. I don't have the tolerance to grow out hair and deal with two textures. I just cut off my perm and learned to manage my hair texture.

  7. Your hair was definitely laid after you blow dried and flat ironed it! I gradually transitioned my natural hair just by getting it flat ironed every 2 weeks at first, but I finally started doing no heat styles probably back in 2012/2013.

  8. We use a different product on my girls hair, but we use it maybe every three or four months. It does the exact same thing that beautiful textures does, but just not the same brand. I'm not sure what it is about little girls being able to wear their hair down, but they love it, and they love not having tangles. I love that their hair will revert back so that I can twist and put their hair into afros as well!

  9. I'll have to recommend this product to my natural friends. Great review.

  10. I never used this product, and won't after this review. Transitioning to natural was the most stressful process. I would cut little by little every week until all relaxed hair was gone. I have been relaxer free for over 5 years.



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