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Off the Shoulder Shirt with Eshakti

Ever since I can remember, I've been into fashion. Even as a little girl I used to doodle fashion outfits. As a teen, I even sewed my own clothes.

a woman wearing a black off the shoulder shirt outside

Fast forward 20 years or so and my love for fashion still grows with each turn of the new season. I love staying on top of new fashion trends and look for affordable ways to be stylish.

It's no wonder that when eShakti contacted me, I was thrilled to try one of their pieces. Everyone that is familiar with eShakti clothing first thinks of dresses. A few years ago I even tried a eShakti dress and really liked the quality of it.

a woman walking in the park wearing a black shirt and light blue pants

But girl, did you know eShakti has so much more? They offer a variety of clothing from blouses and tops to skirts and even jeans.

I decided to do something different this time and purchase a trendy top. I wanted a one of a kind look so I chose the high low, off the shoulder black top. I like it because it combines two trends in one.

What I like most about eShakti is that you can customize your clothes. Want that dress a little longer? Need a V neck instead of a scoop neck top? No problem, eShakti has you covered.

It's easy too. You can choose your normal size or customize your purchase by putting in your exact measurements. You can also choose from various neck styles and lengths of hems.

a woman in a black off the shoulder shirt

Next time, I'll be sure to choose a longer length that covers my tummy a bit more. Somehow I didn't account for the girls taking up so much room. I should know better. ;)

a woman posing in a black off the shoulder shirt

Have you ever tried eShakti? What do you think of their clothing?


  1. Hmmm, Ive never heard of them before. I like the option of being able to customize it because so many times you like something and it doesnt quite work for your body type. I will have to look at them!

    1. I agree! It's hard to find clothes that fit my shape well.

  2. I've heard of their dresses, but I didn't know eshakti had other items. The shirt does look cute on you. Nice option for early spring and fall.

  3. I've never heard of eShakti but that top is very cute!! I like off the shoulder styles for Spring and Summer and love how flowy that top is!

  4. Okay off the shoulder. The weather is finally getting hot in the DMV area and I'm looking forward to rock a few new off the shoulder tops I have. I've never heard of Eshakti.

  5. Love the shirt!! I am waiting on a dress right now from eShakti...they have very nice clothes!!

  6. Off the shoulder is sooo on trend this season. I will have to check this brand out.

  7. I can't sew and my boyfriend has a better sense of style than I do lol. I like solid colored clothing but the cut of the top on this makes it something I could wear on my travels without being over the top.

  8. Very nice, I used to do reviews for eShakti a few years ago but haven't checked them out lately - glad to see they are make good changes to their offerings. #ProductReviewParty

  9. See that is the beauty of blogs I get to find new great products from people I trust like you! I had never heard of them. Glad I have now and you look marvelous girl! #productreviewparty

  10. You look stunning in that top! And pink lipsticks suit you. I have collaborated with eShakti before and I love them.

  11. Off shoulders tops are super trendy right now! You are wearing this well!

  12. Very nice shirt. I've never tried eShakti. I've heard of them, and I have a friend who gets dresses from them. I had no idea they had shirts and pants. This is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have heard of the brand, but never tried them. This top is right up my alley! Looks great on you girl! And I'm loving your shoes too!


  14. I love this top. I have collabed with them but the fit is never right. Maybe I will try again.


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