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Date Night: An Evening with Casper Mattress & Walker Art Center

Last week, my husband and I ventured out for a much needed date night at the Walker Art Center.

Because I'm the last one to turn down an invite to a fun event, we joined Casper Mattress for an evening of art, music and hordervous on the Walker Art Center patio.

Guests were able to relax in a Casper's award-winning mattress while enjoying a food and a lively dj. Those who wished to stay got to watch a screening of the Wes Anderson classic, Moonrise Kingdom while lounging in a Casper mattress.

I had never heard of Casper mattresses until now. Did you know you can purchase these at Target?

Every mattress was spoken for so my husband and I didn't get the chance to try one out. But we made the most of the evening by just enjoying each other and having good conversation on the rooftop.

Rooftop view of my city, Minneapolis.

We decided to skip the movie and instead headed over to the newly remodeled Sculpture Garden across the street from the Walker Art Center.

The infamous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture. 

It was fun to just get away without the kids and enjoy a pleasant evening. We definitely need to schedule more date nights like this.

Have you been on a date night this summer?


  1. These pictures are beautiful and everything sounds so relaxing. Too bad you did not get to try one. Great post.

    1. Thanks Nerline. I'm sure I'll see them at Target soon.

  2. It looks like ya'll had a great date night. I've tried a bunch of different mattresses over the past 12 months, but not Casper yet. I've had a few date nights this summer and hope to sneak in one more before school gets back in.

    1. I may look into trying one out. I could use a more comfortable mattress.

  3. I've been seeing the Casper commercials on TV, but never tried this brand out before.

    I'm overdue for a date night. I'm glad you and hubby got to enjoy yourselves without the kids.



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