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Monday, August 14, 2017

5 Back to School Essentials for Your Teen Guy

Well, it's back to school time already. Man, it seems like summer just got here. I don't think any of us a ready because our summer has just been too fun.

School will start in just two weeks and I've been buying things here and there between all the summer activities we've been enjoying. I've put together a list of five back to school essential to help your teen guy start the new school year off on the right foot.

5 Back to School Essentials for Your Teen Boy

1. Graphic Tees 

A wardrobe staple in every teen guys closet. Graphic tees continue to be trendy and very easy to style.

2. Fly sneakers  

Every teen wants a pair of fly kicks to start the school year off right. Consider a neutral color that will match most anything he wears. This year black is where it's at!

3. Athletic Wear

Your teen may or may not be into sports but most guys will have gym class and a comfortable track suit or sweat pants are a must.

4. A Cool, Comfortable Backpack 

My son usually picks out a fancy backpack but this year he's toning it down a bit. Whether you choose a funky stylish backpack or something plain, make sure it's appropriate for your kids book-load.

5. iPad or iPad Mini

It's important for teens to have an Ipad for school. Nowadays, schools require therm in order to do homework online so it's a necessity.

What is your back to school must have?



  1. Since we are a homeschool family books and workbooks are two of our back to school essentials.

  2. My youngest is the one that have to be fly at school from head to toe. Everything on this list she must have or she'll have a fit.


  3. My boys aren't even teens yet, but they are obsessed with their sneakers. I agree all of these are great back to school essentials.


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