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Looking Good and Feeling Confident with Dreamfit

Hair is done. Nails are polished and lipgloss is poppin'. I'm feeling good and I'm ready for the day.

That is until I take one last glance in the mirror and notice that something is off. The outfit is right but I see that the girls could use a lift.

Nothing can kill your confidence like a bad fitting bra. Especially when you are full figured on the top. Looks like it's time to go bra shopping.

Bra shopping can be difficult though. I've looked high and low trying to find a brazier that fits just right. I'm also looking for a bra that supports and provides good coverage without paying an arm and a leg. And, I want a bra that's just as feminine and sexy as the smaller sized bras out there. Is that too much to ask for? I think not.

Thankfully, there's a new bra in town.

DreamFit is a new brand that can be found at Walmart stores. And it's affordable too y'all. At just under $12, you can pick up two for the price of one at a department store. Try that on for size!

What I like about DreamFit is that there are many bra styles to choose from.

  • Deep Plunge Bra - full coverage, lift and support
  • Back Smoothing T-shirt Bra - eliminates back fat, full coverage
  • Multi-way Plunge Bra - 5 ways to wear, back strap convertibility
  • Convertible Balconette Bra - 7 ways to wear, can wear it strapless too
  • Stretch Cotton Plunge Bra - Everyday comfort, added lift and support

You can also visit the DreamFit website for tips on how to find your bra size. I suggest checking it out before you go bra shopping. That way you know just what bra size you need.

The folks at DreamFit sent over a swag bag with Hello Beautiful goodies and I picked out this black DreamFit Lifting Plunge Bra at my local Walmart.

This bra is just what I needed! It's giving me all the added lift and support that I was lacking. Now the girls are lifted and I'm looking good, and feeling confident!

Enter the DreamFit giveaway for your chance to win 1 of 4 $250 Walmart gift cards to help build the bra wardrobe of your dreams. Ten winners will also have a chance to win a DreamFit bra of their choice.

Don't forget to check out my quick "Get Ready with Me" video below.

Which DreamFit bra do you think you'll purchase?


  1. I'm in the market for a new bra too. This post in right on time. I'm busty on top too, and need lift and support, but I'm tired of paying over $50 for a bra, crazy! I'll check this brand out next time I visit Walmart.

  2. Definitely need this! I need a picker-upper bra as I call it. I don't necessarily need the girls on my chin, but they need to be far away from my belly button!

  3. I was considering ditching bras all together. I like the more active ones. I am interested in checking this brand out!

    1. Now if I can find an active bra that holds it all in I'll be happy.

  4. A proper fitting bra can make or break an outfit. I'm learning that I should buy a new one every single time that I get my teeth cleaned. With DD measurements over here, I can be a bit "heavy" on my bras, and I hate looking like I could roll them up into my bra cup.

  5. Haha, I love the lead in to this. Gotta make sure the girls stay on point! I was just talking to a friend the other day who mentioned that a co-worker of hers (whose "girls" she found out aren't actually that big)..always makes sure she at least gives that robust illusion.

    1. Yes, that need to be right so the outfit is tight. (Bars)

  6. New year, new bras! $12 us a big ole yes from me. I don't have a ton of volume to work with, but what I do have needs to look good!

  7. I am in desperate need of a bra fitting. I need the girls to sit up right and tight. Also the price is right.

  8. There is nothing like a good bra. I've never heard of this brand until now. I will check them out. A girl needs a quality bra!

  9. I struggle finding bras that are comfortable. I'm voluptuous for someone who is petite and bras hurt. I'd love to give dreamfit a try one day though.

  10. I love how affordable it is! I'm all about bras that are comfy and well-made.

  11. What a great price! I also love that they offer tons of diff styles!


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