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My Love for City Life

I love my city. Born and raised in Minneapolis, I love the culture and vibe of inner city life. It's something I take a lot of pride in.

a black woman standing next to a mural

I'm not one of these bloggers that say they live in Minneapolis but really live in the suburbs. No, I grew up in the heart of North Minneapolis and now live on the Southside.

a black woman walking downtown Minneapolis

I've always been in love with major cities. Atlanta, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, L.A. They have always excited me. I remember going off and experiencing Long Beach by myself during a church retreat because I just love city life. But my favorite city is Chicago.

downtown Minneapolis view of Loring park

Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit. I have family there. I've visited to the West side of Chicago with my brother who let me see some of the real parts of Chicago.

Chicago has some of the best restaurants like the Grand Luxe Cafe and deep dish pizza. Shopping on the Magnificent Mile and don't forget to stop by Navy Pier to get a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. And I never leave Chicago without a nice big bag of Garret's popcorn! It's simply the best Chicago Mix popcorn you'll ever try!

During one of my first visits to Chicago, my brother took me to the West Side of Chicago to see what Chicago city life was really like. We went shopping on one of the main streets and I had some of the best smothered pork I've ever eaten in my life! He showed me Cabrini Green and the ballpark.

I remember driving into the aftermath of what looked like a rather large group of kids fighting in the street and my brother buying a pack of socks from a guy who approached his window at a red light.

Real city life.

It reminds me of the new show The Chi on SHOWTIME. Set in the Southside of Chicago, it depicts the lives of several characters on different walks of life and how they are all connected in some way. The Chi gives you a glimpse into the life of what it's really like to live in the inner city and the challenges that they face.

an ipad streaming Showtime

In order to watch The Chi, you need to first sign up for SHOWTIMESign up today and use my code THECHI30 to get an extended 30 day free trial! Hurry, the offer expires 4/1/18! Here are a few reasons you should get it.

Benefits of SHOWTIME

*There is no cable needed

*Live plus on demand unlimited access

*Critically acclaimed original series like homeland, billions, shameless, and so much more.

*You can stream on your favorite tablet, TV, phone, etc.

*You can download and watch off-line when you're out and about

*Oh, and it's commercial free!

Watch the first episode of The Chi absolutely free here! (no sign up needed) I definitely want to know how the rest of the season will unfold. 

*One thing that I will say I didn't care for is that there were nudity and a lot of cussing. It's for mature audiences. So don't say I didn't warn ya! 

Will you be watching The Chi?


  1. Hubby and I binged the first few episodes of the Chi last weekend! We loved the Wire (we are originally from MD and could relate to the Baltimore locale) and this show takes a different tone but still carries the weight of the reality of inner city life

  2. I've visited the states a couple times and I've always wanted to visit a real city with real people, not just a tourist attraction! You've definitely got me thinking about places like Chicago now! Thanks for sharing!
    Tisha x

  3. Yes. I just started watching it this past weekend. Great show.

  4. I am a big city girl also. I haven't been to Minneapolis yet. I live in Atlanta now and I love it. My husband is from Chicago and I agree its an amazing city. He has been watching The Chi and enjoys it so I will have to check it out.

  5. I've never seen to the show, but I do like deep dish pizza. Haven't been to chicago since I was about 10 though. I would love to go again.

  6. Love this! I've been saying I want to visit Chicago. I'm sure I'll fall in love. It definitely seems like one of those one of a kind places.

  7. The Chi is the bomb! I love it! I kinda want to visit Chicago. The violence there is off the freaking hook. But then again probably no different then anywhere else.

  8. I have not seen the Chi but heard great things about it. Howevet , I have lived temporarily for work in Chicago. Great memories!

  9. I've actually watched an episode of this and it was interesting. I never been to Chi but I would love to!

  10. I love Chicago too, it's a great city. I need to check out the Chi!

  11. I love this show the Chi. I am a country grill through and through so that is my preference. I like to visit big cities but my place to be is the country but near the ocean like Charleston, SC which is where I am from.


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