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Beautiful Spring Fashion That's Affordable Too

The calendar may say spring but one glance outside tells a different story. What's a Minnesota girl to do? Head someplace indoors where spring is in full bloom!

a woman standing in a spring sunroom

My daughter and I decided to take a trip to the Bachman's Spring Idea House for nice break from the cold weather and snow.

a spring decorated dining room table

The spring decor ideas at the Bachman's Idea House give me tons of inspiration for spring decorating, plus it just makes you feel good.

Bachman's Spring Ideas House Tour

a woman looking out a window

To celebrate spring, I wore a pretty spring top with flowers on it that I picked up from Walmart. I love how light and flowy it is. This top can also be worn as a off the shoulder blouse. Perfect for spring when it does actually arrive.

Walmart's New Women's Clothing Brand

Walmart launched a new curvy girl clothing line called Terra & Sky. It's affordable with nothing over $25. I had been eyeing the clothing line as soon as it launched because I'm literally always at Walmart.

a woman looking out a window

a woman sitting on a spring bed

a woman standing in a doorway

I got so many compliments that day as we were out and about enjoying our shopping at Bachman's. I will definitely buy a few more pieces since I really like the comfort, quality, and of course, the price.

What are your thoughts about the new clothing lines at Walmart? Will you buy or nah?

*This is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I love the colors, the flowers, and the arrangements. Great post and bring on spring!

  2. I can't remember the last time I purchase clothes from Walmart other than tshirts and underclothes for the kids. However, I need to add some new pieces to my spring and summer wardrobe and I may just have to check them out to see if I can find some cute dresses and swimwear for my cruise this summer.

  3. I typically don't shop Walmart for clothes. But, that top is pretty! Might have to peek around at the new lines they are carrying.

  4. That top is simply awesome on you girl. I love your sense of style.... like always. You inspire me for myself because I have no fashion sense. Thanks for always being lovely and bright! #productreviewparty weekend.

  5. I saw their new line in the store the other day. I ended up buying a jacket and a few tops!

  6. Walmart is definitely stepping their fashion game up! I’ve already seen a couple super cute things I want to buy!

  7. The top is very pretty. It's screaming for Spring. Here's hoping Minnesota listens soon! :)

  8. It's so fresh and bright! And as the saying goes, "If spring will not come to you, then you must go to the spring".

  9. We are having the same trouble here. I have to go indoors to find spring. I haven’t been to Walmart in a minute. It looks like they have some cute pieces to usher in spring.

  10. You look so cute and ready for spring girl! I keep hearing about y'alls bad weather. I'm sorry, I hope the warm weather will finally come your way.

    I haven't heard about this plus-size line with Walmart. I'm glad it's affordable because it seems like all plus-size cloth brands be overcharging. UGH!

  11. That's a really cute top. I wouldn't even have thought it was from Walmart! Wow.

  12. Love the flowers! Perfect for Spring and Summer! I never have luck in Walmart with clothes but I’m going to give it another try...because this line sounds affordable!!


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