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Influenster Cherish Voxbox + Tips on How to Get An Influenster Voxbox

Hey everyone! Seems like I've been getting more Influenster Voxboxes lately, but I've been also searching for good tips on how to get a Influenster Voxbox and it looks like it may be paying off.

Influenster Cherish Voxbox contents on a white table

I've read a few blogs posts and asked around and have personally tried a few things that have increased my chances of scoring a free Influenster Voxbox. I put together a quick list of Influenster tips, but first let's take a closer look at what's inside my latest Influenster freebie, the Cherish Voxbox.

Influenster Cherish Voxbox contents on a white table

Cherish Voxbox Contents 

Inside my Cherish Voxbox, I received:

Dove Men Plus Care Staying Defense Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray $5.99 – Dove Men's Dry Spray tackles underarm stains while giving a 48 hour protection against sweat and odor.

Of course, I'm giving this one to the boys in my house.

Pantene Pro V Daily Moisture Renewal Foam Conditioner $6.99 - An air light conditioner for fine hair that won't leave hair feeling heavy or weighed down.

My hair is very thick and curly so I did not expect this product to work for me at all. However I was interested in seeing if it would work as a co-wash. But it was a no-go.

Vera Wang Embrace Fragrances French Lavender & Tuberose $29.99 - this is the newest fragrance from Vera Wang.

I''m not a super-fan of Lavender but I may wear it when I need a relaxing scent.

MOTTS Sensibles Apple Raspberry Juice $3.49 for a 6pk. New MOTTS Sensible 100% juice has 30% less sugar and is only available at target.

I thought this juice was sweet and I didn't miss the sugar one bit. This would be good for kids. 

Bark Box Toy $10 – $18

Unfortunately, I no longer have a dog so we won't be able to use this at all. Maybe I'll donate it to a pooch in need.

The Cherish Voxbox was not too bad overall. This came around Mother's Day so it seemed to have a family theme but I would have liked it more if I could actually use the majority of the products.

But that's the cool thing about Influenster. You never really know what you're going to get. And I love a good surprise either way. So here's how you can increase you chances of getting an Influenster Voxbox for yourself!

Tips on how to get an Influenster Voxbox

According to the folks at Influenster themselves, these are the tips on how to get free full-size product from Influenster.

If you been reading my blog for a while you know I've been a part of the Influenster Nation for quite a while now. But if you are new to Influenster, it's basically a place where you can get tons of free beauty products and more to try out. An Influenster Voxbox is a free box of full-size products that get delivered right to your front door. Did I mention this was free? But there are some tricks to getting this coveted freebees in the mail.

1. First things first, sign up if you haven't already. Feel free to use my referral link!

2. Fill out your profile completely. The more information you upload the better chance you will qualify for upcoming Voxboxes. Also, show off that cute face by uploading a picture and ad a pretty background for visitors. 

3. Be sure to complete your snaps. Snaps are quick little surveys that influence their uses to figure out what types of products you would like to try. I have to admit I used to skip these, but now I'm taking more time to fill them out.

Right honest reviews for the products the every day products you use on Influenster. Tell the truth the good, the bad, and the ugly! Your reviews help influence their pick up products that fits your interest but more importantly they help others your reviews help others determine whether or not they wanna try the product.

Have you received Influenster Voxboxes before? What tips do you have for scoring one?


  1. The apple juice in the box threw me a little bit, but we all get thirsty even when we're trying to look good. Out of all of the products the Vera Wang scent would be most appealing to me.

  2. Great products and thanks for advice on how to get this influencer Voxbox

  3. Great tips here. I am very interested in getting a Voxbox but I don't think I can where I live. However we'll be stateside again this fall and I look forward to using your tips to get one!

  4. I've never gotten an Influenster Voxvox before. I had no idea about them until now. These are some nice pointers on scoring one though. thanks!

  5. I used to get them, I think I unsubscribe. I like Motts juice so I bet this one is delicious.

    1. It was pretty good, but more for kids to me.

  6. I'm intrigued by the perfume for sure. And Dove products are always a good choice. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Good items in this box. I'm signed up for Influenster, but I stopped taking the surveys when they come or I miss the deadline.

  8. I used to really like Influenster, I dont get them as often anymore. But great for people who love trying new products for FrEE!


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