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Walk it Out

This post is sponsored by Summer's Eve®, but all opinions and content expressed are my own.

Now that the snow has finally melted, it seems that we skipped spring and went straight to summer. Ugh, not cool. Well, at least I'm finally getting back into my walking routine since I've been cooped up in the house all winter. This girl is ready to get outside and exercise!

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summertime is to go for a walk outside. After being inside since November, you really long to stretch those legs and get some fresh air.

Walking is also my way to relieve stress as well which is good since I have had a lot more on my plate this year since my daughter and gbabies can to temporarily stay with us. There is something about a nice breeze off the lake or the sound of the bubbly creek that put my mind at ease. I walk away feeling refreshed and ready to take on everything that motherhood brings my way.

As you start any work out regimen, it's important to feel fresh. It's beginning to get really hot outside but I'm not going to let a little sweat keep me from getting my exercise.

Because I love trying new things I decided to try new Summer's Eve® Blissful Escape™.

Summer's Eve® Blissful Escape™ has a lot of fruity notes of berries, mangoes, orange, peach, apple, and coconut. It's also the choice when it comes to feminine hygiene because their products are tested and pH balanced and removes odor-causing bacteria. I like that they also have Cleansing Cloths for on-the-go freshness.

I picked up Summer's Eve® Blissful Escape™ on our last Target run. You can buy it exclusively at Target, and save 20% with Cartwheel now through June 30, 2018.

Life can sometimes throw you a curveball. I'm working on being more flexible and rolling with it. I'm glad I have a place to go where I can feel peace let my cares roll away. Walking does that for me and I'm already noticing how much better I feel.

Do you like to take walks outside? What are you doing for exercise this summer?



  1. I am with you Stacie, it is time to get outside and get this body moving. All the best!

  2. Yes! Time to get walking again. It gets so hot here walks before 10a or it’s late evening. Unless it’s a mild weather week or we head to the beach which are my favorite walks. Happy Summer!

  3. I joined a walking group here where we are and I am also starting to run. My family loves hiking and we're going to start doing more of that now that the weather is better. We love being outdoors.

  4. I love to go walking out aide and let the sun warm my skin, hear the birds sing and just reflect on the beauty of nature.

  5. This weather here in New York has been on some crazy stuff! One day it is hot and sunny and then it is cold, gloomy and rainy. I want real summer to come!

  6. I feel you on being cooped up. Winter definitely overstayed her welcome, lol. I definitely intend on taking more walks this summer. I love being in nature and watching wildlife. I have a stash of Summer's Eve wipes in my purse ready to go.

  7. I need to get back into step wars. I was doing so well last year. This time of year keeping fresh is an absolute chore.

  8. Walking is so important I am going on a month long solo trip and I will be doing a lot of walking and exploring there. I dont use Summers Eves because I am way too sensitive down there but if it works for others nice.

  9. Hey, I got that shirt in gray! I have been doing a lot more walking, however, with all this rain we've been having here in Atlanta I haven't been able to get my daily walks in.

    I remember using Summers Eve years ago, I'm glad to see it's still around.

  10. I like walking but I like to do it alone! I used to take long walks all the time before I had RJ especially at night in the summer. It helps clear my mind.


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