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Date Night at Lela Restaurant

I'm a foodie at heart and there's nothing that will make me happier than dining on delicious food with friends and family.

a woman standing in Lela's restaurant

Last week, the hubbs and I got a much-deserved break from all the summer chaos and had dinner at Lela. It was a grey day outside and I was a little stressed but it the atmosphere and food made it all melt away.

inside Lela Restaurant

Lela is a contemporary Italian restaurant that is sleek and modern. It's located in the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel.

Lela Restaurant bar

We were invited to taste the new menu at Lela. I spoke with the head Chef who said the new menu has a Latin flare since he's from Miami as well as most of his staff. He wanted to stay true to the tradition of Lela but put his own spin on it.

Lela New Menu Offerings

Take a look at the delicious foods now being offered at Lela.

chopped salad with avocado on top

Chopped Salad - Cucumber, Avocado, Garbanzo beans, Tomato, Feta, and Black olives. I'm such a salad girl so this was right up my alley. Fresh and tasty!

Empanadas on a white plate

Empanadas - Prime Beef, Criolla sauce. Very tasty and flavorful. We liked these very much.

a large meatball and noodles with red sauce

Meatball Bucatini - Lela Meatball, Basil Infused red sauce.  My husband's favorite dish is spaghetti so he enjoyed this massive meatball. The noodles were a bit thick for my taste.

Pork Chop on a plate with potato puree

Coriander & Chili Crusted Pork Chop - Potato puree, Apricot Glaze, Pickled Fresno. Wow, what can I say? The pork chop was nicely cooked and well seasoned. That potato puree? De-lish! This was my husband's dish otherwise I would have ate all of his potatoes. I tried, believe me, I tried.

NY Strip steak on a white plate

NY Strip 16 oz. So I ordered the steak. The flavor was amazing! I'm not a huge meat eater and I would have drowned this in steak sauce normally but a good piece of meat doesn't need any sauce and this one did not disappoint. Savory and flavorful!

Tiramisu on a plate

Lela's Tiramisu was classic, like you would expect it to be.

Blackcurrant Cheesecake

And last but not least, a sweet and fruity slice of Blackcurrant Cheesecake to end the night right!

Watch our Lela shenanigans on my Instagram Stories.

5601 W 78th St, Bloomington, MN 55439

(952) 656-5980

Open 7 days a week.

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Have you tried the new menu at Lela?

*A huge thank you to Lela for providing this delicious experience in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Looks like a nice place. Good ambiance and good food make for a great date night.

  2. You took some great photos while there! The atmosphere looks nice and the food looks even better.

    1. Thank you! The lighting was so tricky here.

  3. Those photos look amazing and I do mean amazing! The food and the atmosphere is perfect for a date night

  4. The empanadas looked different to me, I've had them at other restuarants and they were shaped different. The dinner item that made me swoon was the Meatball Bucatini. Yum!

  5. All this food looks great. I am always down for a dinner date night.

  6. Give me the steak and the meatball dishes. Good Lord. They look delish!

  7. The food looks delicious, the best moments happen around food. I’m not a steak person but it looks cooked to perfection.

  8. Yum! Everything looks good! So lucky you got to try out all these foods!

  9. I love Italian food and this place looks so lovely. You looked beautiful sis. I am sure the hubbs was delighted.

  10. You had me at empanada! Looks delicious and such a beautiful ambiance for a date night!

  11. This place looks amazing! And the food is so enticing, would love to pay a visit someday.

  12. The food looks so good, especially the pork chop and steak. I might have to check it out the next time I am in Minnesota!

  13. The cheesecake looks so heavenly and the restaurant is so pretty!


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