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Life Lately: Summertime Edition

Hey y'all! How is your summer going? We're over here enjoying all that summer has to offer. And we better hurry because school will be starting real soon. Then, it's back to the carpool, homework grind.

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Anywho, it's been a while since I've shared what's been going on with your girl. So it's time for a Life Lately post.

Here's a look into what I've been doing lately

Wearing: Bath and Body Works lotions in Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla, Lemon Pomegranate Cream, and Fresh Coconut Colada

Smelling: The most amazing RootBeer Float candle from Bath & Body Works!

Watching: I'm loving Season 2 of The Four, So You Think You Can Dance, Celebrity Family Feud, and To Tell the Truth.

Eating: All sorts of dairy-free ice cream, Locally Made Organic Guacamole - It's so good y'all.

Cooking: Broiled Hot dogs, Lemon Pasta Salad and not much because it's hot and I just don't feel like it.

Happy Mail Alert! I’ve been meaning to tell you all about a few new products I’ve been trying this summer. La Bella Foaming Facial Cleanser + Pearl Extract is a gentle cleanser that I have been using for a few weeks now. It gets my face squeaky clean without stripping it which is a plus for me since my skin is sensitive at times. I have yet to try the the La Bella Moisture Pearl Mask but I’ll be trying it soon. My son has been using the La Bella daily dandruff shampoo and it seems to be helping. And my gbabies will be using the La Bella Ninos extra gentle 3 in 1 body wash, shampoo and conditioner. It’s tear free so they’ll be no tears come that time. All of these goodies can be found only at Walmart! Swipe for more pics! #bathandbody #labellabeauty #cleanser @labellabellezas #stacieraye #stacietriesit #mnmom #minneapolisblogger #blackmomsblog #presssample
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Trying: Labella products happy mail that I received.

Looking forward to: Doing everything on my summer fun list

Loving: All of the summertime fairs and festivals

Walking: Anywhere there is a lake or body of water

Reading: Summer magazines like Essence, Ebony, and Redbook

Hating: Bugs, especially bees who keep trying to build a hive over my garage

Loving: Sweet little hugs from my Gbabies

Waiting: for cool weather 75 with no humidity. hey, a girl can dream can't she?

How is your summer going so far?


  1. Wow, summer seems to be flying by but I have been keeping busy with my business and clients. Next month we will be in Cancun celebrating our 28th Wedding Anniversary!

  2. I've been looking for some nice adorable new hair products. I'll have to go check these out.

  3. I wish I had the discipline to read more magazines. I used to all the time, but now I'm think about canceling my subscriptions because they do nothing but pileup on my dining room table. I can never bring myself to cancel Essence though.

  4. What a fun list of summer goals! And that rootbeer candle... How did you know that rootbeer floats are one of my favorite desserts? LOL! Can you see how having a candle like that could be dangerous for me?

  5. Amen to the cooler weather. lol But, right now that is the 90's for us! So we have been binge watching shows, flipping through magazines, having at home spa days. We had the kids for a week ((hugs & missing them)), hanging out with my teen. If we got up early enough we'd take more walks! But, the heat has been draining our sleep. Happy Summer Stacie!

  6. Summer is going well, the kids are enjoying summer camp. I don't have to check homework or drag them to sporting activities. So it is all good. lol

  7. I love posts like these! You had me at root beer float candle! That sounds amazing!

  8. I have to try this out. I still haven't found the right product for my natural hair. Your hair looks great; healthy.

  9. summer seems to be flying past really quickly. your list of products is amazing,i would definitely love to have a few of these.

  10. I love that show, To tell the truth. But I can't stand his mom on the show. She serves no purpose.

  11. I love these life lately posts. I have been doing all the reading this summer. And all the relaxing too. My kids go back to school in 2 weeks so I'm enjoying these last moments.

  12. I'm literally getting the little one packed to leave this evening. Her older sister is already out the house, so I can't wait to be responsibility free for at least a few weeks this summer.

  13. I love to read life lately posts!!! I have been enjoying time with family! I felt overwhelmed for a minute with blogging but I think I am ready to jump back in!


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