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Summer to Fall Nails You Can Do at Home

Hey everyone! September is here and summer break is officially over. As soon as September hits, I find myself wanting to switch to my fall beauty routine. The problem is summer isn't quite ready to say goodbye with its warm sun and humid temps.

a woman wearing brown nail polish

If you like painting your nails don't worry about running out to be that hot new shade just yet. You can still wear your favorite summer nail polish now as an easy way to gradually transition from summer to fall.

Summer to Fall Nails You Can Do at Home

Take a look at my picks for giving yourself a fresh manicure that is just right for this in-between season.

a woman hand wearing gold nail polish

Metallic nail polish colors like bronze and gold can be worn well into the fall. One of my go-to nail polish colors is a gold that I always revert to when I'm pressed for time.



a woman holding brown nail polish and orange nail polish

Earth tone nail polish like burnt orange nail polish, browns and nudes will easily transition from summer to fall. I loved wearing my bright orange nail polish this summer and I could see this working well too.



Classic red - speaking of bold nail polish colors, a good classic red nail polish never hurt nobody. In fact, I see this as an everyday nail polish color that can be worn year round.



What is your favorite summer to fall nail polish shade?

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  1. I been rocking bold, dark red lately. But I need to change up my colors a bit. I need to go nail polish shopping.


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