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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Is anyone else battling the winter blues? It has been snowing just about every day here and it's enough to make you want to scream! If you live in the Midwest, you know exactly what I'm talking about, well maybe it's not exactly as bad as Minnesnowta.

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I feel like I live in a snowglobe in the hands of a small child. Shake it, it's snowing. Shake it, it's snowing again. Shake it, oh you get the picture. I honestly can't remember a time where it snowed every other day like it has this month. And when it doesn't snow, it's freakin' cold! Needless to say, I've been stuck in the house telling myself, "This too shall pass".

Whether you have the winter blues or something more serious like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), here are a few ideas for beating the winter blues.

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Practice Self Care

Burn a spring scented candle or spritz on your favorite summer scent. The smell of spring and summer will brighten your mood and you will instantly start to feel better. Take a long bath or play with your favorite makeup and notice how good you feel.


I swear exercise cures everything. Or at least a lot of things. Getting your body moving will give you an endorphin boost which is a natural mood booster.

Get Out Your Journal

Journaling can help you get your thoughts out and help you focus. Pick out a cute journal and write in it daily.

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Read a Good Book

Next time you're feeling down, pick up a good book. It helps to get your mind off of things which helps reduce anxiety.

Embrace the Winter

Lastly, go out and enjoy the snow. Take the kids sledding or skiing. Build a snowman in the front yard or head to your local park and have a good snowball fight, provided it's not -20 outside.

How is your winter going so far? Do you hate it or love the weather we're having?


  1. This has been a tough winter. The snow just doesn't seem to stop. We have not had a winter with this much snow in a while. I have been trying to keep myself busy because the Winter Blues can knock me right out.

    1. Girl, I feel you 100%! I've been trying to distract myself and stay positive, but it's hard sometimes.

  2. Embracing the winter is hard to do. LOL! Great tips doll.

  3. I don't hate winter but the gloomy days can definitely impact my mood. I've found that getting up and moving helps so much! Finding winter fun is a great way to get past it too.

  4. These are some great tips for beating the winter blues! Practicing self care and exercising are two methods I use as well!

  5. I really don’t like winter as it’s such a dreary season. So happy spring is around the corner!

  6. I have been slacking on my reading big time. I was trying to do one book a month but haven't had the time

  7. I have a love hate relationship with winter...a part of me has always loved it but getting older the struggle that sometimes comes with it has definitely made me love it less.

  8. I'm really trying to up my reading time. These days, the only reading I do is children's books to my son.

  9. I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much snow and cold Sis. It's been off and on rainy here with a mixer of cold and warm days. I'm so ready for spring!

  10. When I first moved to the east coast from the south I definitely got seasonal depression the first two years. Winter in so harsh and you spend a lot of times indoors. It's enough to go stir crazy. Great tips.

  11. I am so fighting my own winter blues fight. I've been binging Game of Thrones, I know the new season starts in spring, so every episode brings me closer.


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