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Stacie Does Spring - A Spring Must Do List

Hey everyone! As I write you, I'm chilling looking out the window at the snow covered houses and high winds whipping around during our April snowstorm.

a woman smiling outside

Spring showed up briefly here in the Twin Cities. It was even 70 degrees before this mess arrived. As soon as all of the snow melts, I will be out and about enjoying all that spring has to offer. I decided to share my spring bucket list of sorts that include some cleaning, family activities, and "me time".

Stacie Does Spring - A Spring Must-Do List

Spring cleaning - This is the one time of the year where I know that I have to clean. I've already tackled my floors with this mop, but I need to steam clean my couch and carpet.

Donate clothing, magazines, and other things - Okay, I hate to admit it but I kinda have a thing with magazines. I save them. I don't know why. I read something that is interesting and think, I don't want to forget this. Problem is, I do forget. So out they go along with everything else that doesn't spark joy. I plan to donate those magazines to a women's group that uses them for vision boards.

Paint, paint, and more paint - I've already painted a few patches of wall that needed a fresh coat. Next, I'll tackle the kitchen cabinets and my bathroom.

Restart my walking regimen - After being cooped up all winter, I am ready to hit the lakes, ponds, and streams. If there is water, I am there!

Update my spring wardrobe - I've already added a few casual outfit pieces to my spring wardrobe and I'm loving this coral blouse that is the perfect way to add the Pantone Color of the year into your wardrobe.

Try new spring beauty products - Another thing I love about the spring is the new spring beauty products that release. I've already picked up a few here and there and plan to do a review on them soon.

a patch of daffodils

Visit flower gardens - We have many indoor flower gardens and I plan on visiting every one of them this spring. So far I've been to the Galleria Garden Party (where I snapped a pic of these lovely daffodils) and the Bachman's Idea House. Next, I'll visit Art in Bloom. Our outdoor flowers don't truly start blooming until May and as late as June.

Go to all the spring events - During spring, the snow finally melts and the city comes alive. There will be art museum parties, garden shows, home improvement expos, and spring fashion shows. I plan to attend as many as I can to get out and finally enjoy the sun and spring weather.

Prince said it best. Sometimes it snows in April. Especially here in Minneapolis. But one thing is for sure. This too shall pass!

What are your plans for spring?


  1. My plans basically mirror yours ! Get outside ride my bike more and attend a flower garden or two.

  2. I just did this when my in-laws came to visit. It was beyond exhausting! But I will say the house just feels fresh.

  3. I have those same flowers in my front yard. They're beautiful. I've cleaned. I bought some bulbs to plant. Thanks for the list.

  4. The first thing I need to do is survive this pollen! But I love these tips. I definitely cleaned! It feels so good. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Especially for fashion.

  5. Love these tips and am doing some of the items on your list too. I need to get into the cleaning and purging points a little more though.

  6. I usually do a big spring cleaning but this year I'm relocating to Georgia. So looking forward to it.

  7. I have similar plans for sure. We’ve already been out and about more. The spring cleaning is in full swing this week. Our temps have been fair, but the wind and rain is crazy.

  8. Gotta love this time of year! Time for cleaning and painting. Then planting and planting! My garden is in the works.

  9. Spring is my favorite season because I enjoy warm weather and wearing open-toe shoes. I love the stitched waist on the top you're wearing. It's very cute.

  10. I want to visit a flower garden this year, but the pollen suck. Beautiful post, sis.

  11. I did a bit of spring cleaning already, just need to start donating items I don't want anymore. My plans are to enjoy outdoors more. I been cooped up in the house too much.

  12. I agree, spring is a great time to clear out your closet and donate items that you no longer need I have a bunch of stuff that I need to clean out of my closet thanks for the reminder


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