Less Than 30 Minute Meal - Frontera Taco Skillet

Mexican food is my favorite thing to eat! I'm always trying out Mexican recipes here and there. But sometimes I just need a quick dinner that I can serve my family.

frontera frozen foods

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You all know that I love trying new foods and I recently saw that Ripple Street (formerly known as House Party) had a Frontera party. It had been so long since I visited the website and hosted one of these kinds of parties that I didn't even know they changed their name. Anywho, I applied and was one of the hundreds chosen to host a Frontera party kit. I was obligated to blog about it but I wanted to share my experience with you all.

My kit came with Frontera reusable grocery bags, Frontera wooden spoons, and coupons and a $15 gift card to use toward the food. I ended up spending more than that because Frontera products aren't cheap, but that was okay. The coupons helped a bit.

I went to the store and purchased the Frontera Chicken And Chorizo Taco Skillet which has smoky pork chorizo, tomato chipotle sauce, red potatoes, and fire roasted red peppers in it.

frontera frozen foods in a skillet

It's so easy to prepare. Just pour the contents of your Frontera Taco Skillet into a pan and add water and a little bit of oil. Let it simmer.

cooked Frontera in a skillet

If you want to get fancy, you can add tomatoes, cilantro, or other garnishes for your tacos. We just ate them as is along with Frontera Hint of Lime Chips and my favorite Frontera salsa.

cooked Frontera in a skillet

My boys really like the combination of chorizo and chicken because well, they're guys and they love all the meat. And if it makes them happy, then I'm happy. Personally, I'd like to try the Frontera veggie skillet because I'm trying to eat more veggies in my meals. Hey, that would be perfect for a Meatless Monday or any other weeknight meal. Oh, and that Frontera Tequila Borracha Salsa is the bomb dot com so make sure you get a jar of that too!

cooked Frontera in a skillet



Have you tried Frontera Taco Skillets before?


  1. I love making and eating tacos! I'll be on the look out for Frontera's products.

  2. My family loves anything taco ! I will be sure to try this out

  3. Looks like authentic Mexican food. Glad you are able to make this quick on a skillet.

  4. This looks so freaking good and hearty! My mouth is watering lol. I'll definitely be trying out Frontera's products.

  5. I don't eat meat, but I do love the sound of the tequila-based salsa. Yummy. I can't wait to see what this Cinco De Mayo gets me into lol

  6. looks yummy. I am going to definitely try this brand.


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