Pinner's Conference Minnesota Recap

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago my girls and I went to the Pinners Minnesota conference a place where Pinterest lovers and makers meet for all things crafty.

a woman standing next to the Pinners sign

I grabbed my girls and since it was close to Mother's Day I decided to have my mom hang out with us. My mom, my girls and I met up at the Pinners conference for all things Pinteresty.

The Pinners Conference

If you haven't heard of the Pinners Conference it is a place for creative folks who love Pinterest and love the idea of making all of the wonderful things that you see on Pinterest but never have the time. The Pinners conference gives you space, supplies, and instructions that you need to actually make your projects. You can take classes all weekend long and many vendors have the supplies to make and take projects that you can do right at the conference or at home at your convenience.

It seemed like the theme was all things Minnesota. Everywhere you looked was a booth with Minnesota t-shirts, hoodies, hats, totes and signs.

Most of the projects were between $10 and $15 to make however some make and take crafts as cheap as five dollars.

The first thing we did when we arrived was head to the Micheal's booth to make fun yarn keychains and terrariums for free.

The Gbabies made cute necklaces out of felt balls.

My mom and I.

My girls

If you are into DIY crafts and DIY crafts at home, be sure to check out the Pinners Conference when it comes to your town!

Have you been to the Pinners conference before?


  1. This seems like fun!! I wonder if they come to DC

  2. I have never been to a Pinners conference and I think they did one in Atl if I'm not mistaken I wish that I had went because I heard it was so so good.

  3. Oh wow this is so fun! I didn't even know Pinners conference was a thing! Id so go to this.

  4. Did the conference have sessions on how to win the Pinterest game? Viral pins, creating pins and etc?

  5. I have not heard of the Pinners Conference. As a crafters I need to have my face in the place. This is my cup of tea all the way. I love that you made it a total Gal's Day Out.

  6. I need to be at a Pinners conference. I Pin everyday!

  7. This conference sounds like a DIY bloggers heaven. I love that some of the major craft stores were there looking to collaborate.


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