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My First Impression of Dia & Co Plus Size Subscription Box

Today I'm going to be sharing my first impressions of Dia & Co plus-size subscription box which is a monthly subscription curated by a Dia & Co stylist. There is a one time option as well.

unboxing a Dia & Co plus-size subscription box on a white table

Influenster continues to be one of my favorite ways to try products for free. I get Influencer Voxboxes with free samples inside every now and then and it's a great way to see what's new. So when I got an email telling me about a new Voxbox from Dia & Co I thought it sounded like a great fit for me since I love fashion.

I signed up for the Dia & Co plus-size subscription box and the $20 stylist fee was waived through Influenster in exchange for me sharing a picture on Instagram. It would be my first time trying any clothing subscription box and I wanted to share my experience here.

a flower dress on a table

I received my Dia & Co subscription box in about a week. My first impression was a tad bit disappointed in the styles of patterns that were chosen for me. I generally don't like a lot of flowers and I noticed that this box had mostly flowered tops in them. But I still wanted to give each outfit I try to see just how it would look on me.

a box of clothes on a table

Outfit #1

I first tried on this off white blouse with pinkish-red flowers on them. I noticed from the beginning that these blouses were going to be way too big for me.

A little bit too grandma for this grandma.

Outfit #2

The second blouse was a V-neck navy blue top with white flowers on it. Now I love a V-neck blouse and there were ties in the back that would have made this a cute blouse if it weren't so big. It also looked like it had pleats that made it look like a maternity blouse. When I first pulled out the white denim capris I thought, whoa these are huge! There's no way these pants are going to fit me. 

I look like a pregnant hot mess in this outfit!

Outfit #3

The last outfit was my favorite. It was a beautiful colorful sleeveless maxi dress that had a tapered waist that complemented my shape. The only problem with this dress was that it was at least 4 inches too long. I would have to get it professionally hemmed or do it myself if I decided to keep it.

The colors are all me it's still quite loose on the bottom.

My Thoughts 

I personally don't plan to keep any of the items for obvious reasons. Plus size clothing can be hard to size because one brand's 1X is not the same as another. I would've needed to size down on everything but I would've been taking a chance of something not fitting if I had done that.

It's also tough to allow someone else to style you blindly. Even though I filled out the style profile there were still items that I would have never picked for myself. Nobody knows your style quite like you.

Dia & Co is also very expensive. All of these items totaled close to $200, and that is much more than I would ever pay for 4 wardrobe pieces.

Have you ever tried a plus size clothing subscription like Dia & Co? What do you think of buying clothes this way?


  1. I would likely never try a clothing subscription box. My body type is hard to shop for. I’m long but not tall. I’m small in size out not petite.

  2. I love that dress! Its super cuuute! I get anxious about buying clothes that I can't try on. My body is so weird, lol!

  3. I love a long maxi dress, but I can understand if it feels too long. I need to try more subscription boxes to mix up my wardrobe.

  4. $200 is a lot. Especially if they aren't things you would typically wear. I like Influenster too.

  5. I've always seen this subscription box but have never tried it. Im a budget shopper so I wouldn't pay $200 for 4 outfits. I personally don't like to shop online because I prefer to try on everything because each outfit fits differently even if they are the same size. Glad you decided to send the items back as they did not fit properly.

  6. This is such a fun subscription box! I've never considered doing a clothing one, but I feel like it could be a fun monthly treat.

  7. Thank you for sharing your honest results. I had considered this one but I was a little concerned about the stylist' choices. I don't think this would be for me after seeing your review.

  8. What a fun funky box! I love the last dress so colorful!


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