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Stacie Tries It: Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection

Where my natural sistahs at? Guess what ladies, there's a new line of natural hair care products just for curly girls. Introducing Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection by YouTube sensation Monica Stevens.

Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection on a white marble tray

You know I love being the first one to try out new beauty products so I headed to my local Sally beauty store and pick up the Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection.

So who is Mo Knows Hair?

Monica Stevens has been doing hair ever since she was a little girl. Friends and family often came to her for hair advice. She added to her natural skill by completing her cosmetology certification at the Aveda Institute New York and then owned and operated a Manhattan salon and made it her goal to help curly women, men and children learn how to properly care for their curly hair. You can learn more about Monica by visiting her YouTube channel. Monica's Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection is sold exclusively at Sally's beauty.

Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection

These products are non-toxic, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free formulas that restore scalp and curls to optimum health with regular use.

Mo Knows Hair Curl Collection on a white marble tray

Here's what I purchased:

Mo Knows Hair Curl Co-wash + Conditioner - removes light buildup and detangles hair. The 2-in-1 formula cleanses and conditions in one step or you can condition curls after shampooing.

Mo Knows Hair Curl Styling 2-in-1 Leave-in Conditioner plus styler with a soft hold. Define and nourish your curls with botanicals and essential oils that give your soft curls volume and shine. It can also be used as a leave-in conditioner or used for twists, braids or smoothing hair into updos.

Mo Knows Hair Curl Smoothing Pudding - hydrates hair with medium hold. The medium hold pudding is designed for twist outs and other styles to create smooth and defined hair with flexible hold and bounce. 

Mo Knows Hair Curl Setting Gel -  tames frizz plus defines hair with medium hold. Fight humidity and frizz with this lightweight formula that defines curls without the crunch. Great for smoothing curls up into a ponytail or twisting strands with a shiny finish.

My Thoughts

Mo Knows Hair Curl products on a fur bag

First thing that I noticed about this hair care collection is the scent. It's Lavender and boy is it strong! Almost too strong for my taste. I like a good smelling hair product but I don't want it to over power the other scent that I wear.

But as for the products themselves, I found the that the gel ended up being the best thing I tried. I like to add gel to my edges to smooth my natural waves a bit. When I added gel to my hair defined my curls.

Have you tried Mo Knows Curls yet?


  1. I like the packaging the most. It is light bright and inviting. It's probably not a good fit for my locs but it's good to know that this product exists.

  2. I've been following Mo's YouTube channel for years. I'm delighted to see her branch out with her own products. Since I'm not a fan of lavender I'm not sure if I'll try her line.

  3. I love a good back story. I've never heard of this brand but I love to hear about new natural hair products. I keep my hair short so I don't use mnay products. I'm really wanted to take it down even lower now.

  4. I used to watch her on YouTube. It's good seeing she is doing her thing in the hair delivery

  5. I have never heard of this brand but I love lavender scent so I am intrigued. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm a big fan of lavender, so I would like to try her products. And, good for her for making her own hair care line!

  7. The packaging looks so good. I love lavender, and I think I would love to try this out sometime.


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