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How to Choose Kid Friendly Living Room Furniture

I'm blessed to have grandchildren that live in the same city which means they come over a lot. Today I'm going to share how we decided it was time we had a kid-friendly living room for family visits.

girls on a couch

A few months back we decided it was time to upgrade our living room furniture. We had it for almost 15 years and it was time for something new. We loved our last sectional so we knew we would purchase another one. This time though, it was important that we keep the littles in mind. Here are a few tips to help you in making your living room kid friendly.

Kid Friendly Living Room Furniture

a sectional with an ottoman

Choose a soft, comfortable couch 

We decided on a dark gray soft microfiber sectional couch with a matching ottoman. Now let me tell you about how soft this couch is. When my husband sat on it in the furniture store and gave him all the feels. Literally. I think this is the softest couch I have ever sat on. There’s something about the material that makes it very cozy. My kids love it and so do the grandbabies.

Choose an appropriate color 

We chose a darker color for obvious reasons. Dark fabrics are great at hiding spills and stains which hopefully we won’t have many of!

Get rid of the coffee table and opt for an ottoman instead

Let me tell you about our old coffee table. It looked nice and went well with the furniture we had but this table had a reputation for being dangerous for our kids. One son knocked his tooth out on the coffee table and the other his head on the edge of it and needed stitches. I knew that going forward we would have to get rid of that coffee table.

a sectional couch

Instead of purchasing a coffee table we decided to get a large ottoman to keep the area free from sharp edges. I used a round wicker serving tray to display my coffee table books and magazines. It looks great and I don’t have to worry about any accidents or scratched wooden surfaces.

I currently use pretty baskets for storing toys under our lamp tables but I plan to buy a console table soon to add even more storage for their things.

What tips do you have for a kid friendly living room?


  1. When I was single and child-free I had a lot of glass in my living room. That's all gone now. Between the edges that children can hurt themselves on and their fingerprints, it's just easier to skip glass.
    Your grandbabies look to happy to be chilling at your house.

  2. I needed this! I tell my friends and family that I will not be able to have nice things for at least 10 years because... kids lol

  3. A microfiber sofa was the first sofa I purchased when my son was a toddler. I needed something that was easy to clean off. I also like sofas with removable covers I can toss in the wash.

  4. I don't have children but I can see how these tips will definitely come in hand . Oh and I will choose an ottoman over a coffee table any day.

  5. Man do I have a lot to consider once we close on our house Thanks for sharing


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