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How to Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

By now we have all heard that the Coronavirus is here and Covid 19 has made it to a few of our states. Panic buying has started which has cause pandemonium in stores like Cosco and many stores are out of everyday essentials.

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Now I am no expert at any of this, none of us are, but I want to share a few common-sense ways we can approach this Covid 19 outbreak and how we can stay prepared in the midst of everything that's going on.

How to Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

Don't Panic Buy

I know things like hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, toilet paper, anti-bacterial wipes, soap, and even meat are selling out. But did you know that baby wipes and diapers are also selling out? Someone told me that folks were suggesting that people wipe their behinds with the baby wipes and use the diapers if all else fails. Are you kidding me? What's next? Pads? C'mon, stop the madness people! Haven't you seen the meme that says soap only works if everybody gets a chance to use it?

Instead of panic buying and hoarding stuff, but enough food and supplies for your family for two weeks. That will give stores and suppliers enough time to produce and deliver goods. But this only works if we all do it.

Shop stores in the morning

I was told that stores are restocking in the morning so that everyone has a chance to get the household products they need for their families. Head to work later and schedule a babysitter so that you can run your shopping errands in the morning. You'll have a better chance at finding what you need.

Also, be prepared to visit several stores if you have to. It's just par for the course right now.

Stay Healthy Physically and Mentally

One of the most important things we can do right now is to make sure we have a healthy mind and body. Be sure to exercise and eat healthy. Not only will it boost our mood but our immune systems as well. Take your normal vitamins as well.

Take Mental Breaks

I love to watch the news on tv because it's how I like to stay informed about the world. But you don't want it to dictate your whole life. You need a mental break. That means don't sign up for things like Coronovirus notifications on your phone and email unless it's something that your job needs you to do.

Be sure to read books and magazines or read your favorite blog like Stacie Raye, shameless plug. ;)

Be sure to pray and meditate

Listen, I am a person of faith and I personally know that prayer works. The other night I was asking God to show me what to do with all of this going on and he spoke the word "peace" to me so I'm holding onto that.

I know it's hard right now, but prayer can ease your mind a bit.

The Bottom line? We'll get through this but we must work together. Stay safe out there y'all!

How are you staying sane during the Coronavirus crisis? Leave your tips below!


  1. My Mom grew up poor so I knew what I needed to buy grocery wise that would last, and I could stretch it I need to do so. I shopped smart, and I had a list so I didn't panic buy. We are spending a lot of time together it is also important we spend time in our own spaces. Today LittleCuteLips hung out in the basement putting a LEGO set together. It gave her a chance to have some "me" time.

    1. Me time is so important during this time when we are all together.

  2. These are so good Stacie. Taking mental breaks will help keep us all sane!

  3. These are great tips. It's easy to tell people to not panic buy but when leadership doesn't give you direction or hope that's what happens.


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