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How the Killing of George Floyd is Affecting Me Personally

I've struggled with writing this post. Since the senseless cop killing of Geoge Floyd took place, I have watched the news 24/7 and have not slept much. Not only because of how tragic this loss is to the black community but also because it's in my own backyard.

black woman standing next to George Floyd memorial

I was born and raised in Minneapolis. It is the place that I have proudly called my home. South Minneapolis. The exact same area that the killing of George Floyd took place. As a result of one man's disregard for human life, our city have suffered great loss.

I have seen my city burn.

I have seen our bank and post office burn to the ground. Who would burn a post office? Not us!

I have seen community stores that provide basic essentials for people of color in our neighborhoods strategically set ablaze while coffee shops with $8 cups of coffee still standing.

I have seen random raggedy pickup trucks driving by in our neighborhoods with people in them that look eerily out of place.

And sadly, I have seen the life choked out of a black man on Facebook, local and national tv over and over again as if there is an agenda.

Still, I have seen good.

I have seen the Minneapolis community get up every morning after riots and looting with brooms in hand to clean up our dear city.

I have seen peaceful protests and celebrations of a life that stolen.

I have seen people going into stores and helping small business owners with the daunting task of clean up.

I have seen people standing outside of businesses to guard and protect them from looters and arsonists that don't even live in the community.

I have seen churches, community groups as well as everyday people dropping off donations of food, diapers, detergent, you name it, all over North Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, and neighboring St. Paul, to help those that have been robbed of the essentials that they need especially in the midst of a pandemic.

And it is a blessing.

George Floyd Memorial

George Floyd Mural

2020 Graduate in front of George Floyd Mural

But still, I wait to see...

Systemic and systematic racism both hidden and blatant, as well as white privilege, be erased and replaced with equality.

and most importantly

Justice for the murder of an innocent black man that did not deserve to die this way. No one deserves to die this way. Over a twenty dollar bill.

picture of George Floyd

Prayers and condolences to the Floyd family and to all those that are hurting in this time of tragedy.


  1. I’m so sorry that these imposters are infiltrating your community. I am glad you can find hope in the resilience of your community.

  2. Wow! It’s good to hear from one with their feet on the ground. It’s all so heart breaking. I see you have a think George called out to his mom. We are living through some pretty hard things as a nation. I hope to be the change we seek. I try to advocate positively and support black businesses. I won’t let yo that someday this will be our past because I don’t want to bring children into a world like this. I want it to be a little better. The pictures are beautiful as well. Again, thank you. I wish you peace. - Sonja, Androgynine

  3. Such a powerful post and thanks for sharing your perspective. Knowing that you are from the area, I had been wondering how have you and your family been. Sending prayers for you and us all!


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