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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog - Traffic Secrets

This post is sponsored by Traffic Secrets: by Russell Brunson. Opinions are all mine.

As a blogger who's been at it for over ten years, I've seen my fair share of tips for growing your blog traffic. Some of which worked, but most have not. 

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Over the years I've seen many people claim to be experts and show you all the tips and tricks to getting traffic to your blog but I've always come up disappointed. They promise traffic but give only common sense info that anyone who's been taking blogging seriously can figure out on their own.

I decide to do something different and participate in a 30-day blog challenge that delves into the book "Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers" by Russell Brunson.

About the Author Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a a best selling author and CEO of ClickFunnels a $100 million software company.
He has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and popularized the concept of sales funnels. In 2014, Russell and partner Todd Dickerson launched ClickFunnels, which became the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world. 

In the Traffic Secrets book, you will focus on the following strategies that never change no matter what the season.

  • Identifying your dream customers
  • Finding out where they are already congregating online
  • Learning how to work your way in
  • Understanding how to buy your way in
  • Creating your own publishing platform
  • Building your own distribution lists

This book will help you whether you have a product that you sell or if you want to simply get more traffic to your blog. By completing the 30-day challenge, you'll learn key strategies to increase your site traffic.

Traffic Secrets 30 Challenge

For the past month, I have been busy working hard on my website by doing daily tasks that focus on bringing traffic to my site. During the 30 Challenge, we took a look at 4 key strategies for success.

  • How to find your dream customers
  • How to partner with Your Dream 100
  • How to refine your hooks, stories, and offers
  • How to convert all of your traffic to traffic that you own

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What I Learned from the Traffic Secrets 30 Challenge

Whew, there were quite a few tips that I took away from this book, however, these are the things that stood out to me the most.

Find Your Audience

We took a look and made detailed lists on where your audience is by looking at social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to see where your readers are congregating. You can use this information to get in front of your readers with your hook, stories, and offers.

Only Follow Your Dream Customers Online

Don't participate in Groups or chats that don't have anything to do with your niche or what you have to offer. It makes sense because you want to build relationships with people you have things in common with. This one will be tough to implement for me because I consider myself to be nice online and I like to follow people back when they follow me.

Improve your call to action

It made me think differently about my call to action. I know that I always use a call to action at the end of my blog posts to encourage engagement on my post but I never really used it as a way to point my readers to purchasing or buying from me. Well, I'm gonna learn today!

Overall, I believe that Traffic Secrets would be a great resource for those that are looking to boost their blog traffic or make improvements to their websites and I would recommend the 30 challenge to anyone looking to refocus and get back on track.

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This post is sponsored by Traffic Secrets: by Russell Brunson. Opinions are all mine.

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  1. What I learned from blogging throughout the years is tell a story with your posts and blog about what you're passionate about. And a big one, stay consistent.

    You're right, build relationships with like-minded people.


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