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Smooth N' Shine Keratin Power Hair Tamer UPDATE!

A few weeks ago, I told you all that I would be trying a new hair product from Smooth N' Shine called Keratin Hair Tamer.  I'm a Bzzagent and I received this product for free to try out.

Between the time that I wrote the first post, I did a lot of research regarding this product.  Quite a bit of it was on YouTube.

I wanted to have a frank conversation about what I found out and what I decided to do.

My daughter had tried the product on her hair.  She was transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair.  It had been at least 4-6 months since she had put any chemical on her mane.  After applying the Keratin treatment, she found that the results weren't as noticeable as she would have liked, but she did say that she no longer had a curl pattern.  Hmmm.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to try the product or not basically because I was confused about what it really was.  I don't mind relaxers, so was this an unnecessary step for me to take?  Plus, I had just relaxed my tresses and I really didn't have any "new growth" at the time.  So I figured I'd keep doing more research.

I called the manufacturer and a guy answered which I thought was kind of funny.   I asked him a few questions and he mentioned that the product was actually a relaxer.  A relaxer?  I thought, o.k. this guy doesn't really know what he's talking about.  I looked on YouTube again and came across a young lady that mentioned it was considered a low level relaxer based on the ingredients.  There's that word again.  Relaxer. Hmmm.

So I looked at the package and what did I see listed as an ingredient.  LYE!  So it was a relaxer after all under the guise of a Keratin treatment! Tsk-tsk!

I informed my daughter who became furious.  Remember, she was transitioning and didn't want any chemicals in her hair.  But she getting over it now.

I then decided not to use the tamer.  Like I said before I don't have an issue with relaxing my hair.  I like creamy crack (as it is called) and have a dose every 8 weeks or so!  

Oh people, I'm just kidding!

BUT, there are many women that do care about this and they were misled into thinking that this low level relaxer was indeed a Keratin treatment.  Even Caucasian women used this on their hair.  Gasp!  

I feel bad for those that used the product and got really bad results.  However, I must mention that some women really did like it and felt that it was less damaging to their hair than a full relaxer.  Me, well...I am glad I didn't put this in my hair, although it may not have really done anthing but mess up my relaxer timing.  

I guess the moral of the story is this.  We all love trying things out and getting freebies, but please do your homework when it comes to your hair!

Disclosure: I received this from Bzzagent and opinions are all mine.  I was not compensated for my review.


  1. Tsk tsk for them not saying what it REALLY is! (And thank you for sharing the truth with us!)

  2. Thanks for the information. I received this product as well and was hesitate on trying. Now I am glad I did not try it. I am also transitioning, so I would have been pretty upset to find this product is actually a relaxer.

  3. You are so welcome Storm. Hopefully it helps someone.

  4. Latanya- Your welcome!

    I really think this product is more for women who don't mind relaxers and prefer something a little more mild. It just should have been more clear.

  5. That's an excellent review with good information. I love the way you did research even though it was a free product ... very informative and engagin.

  6. Wow!!! That's a shame. I thought it was the Keratin treatment with the formaldehyde. That's what's in most of them that the caucasions use. Then they say it doesn't have it in there but in actuality it's a lower doseage. So, it's formaldehydes little cousin.

  7. Thanks Petula- When it comes to my hair, I'm real cautious. I think everyone should be!

  8. Help mama- Yeah, that seems like the theme when it comes to hair treatments. No Lye relaxers, really have Lye and so on.

  9. Thx for clearing this up for me. I am taking mine back. Ive been using this kiddy textures for years this will stop me.

    1. You're welcome. It's best that you do take it back. It could really damage your hair if you put two different chemicals on it.

  10. I just decided on trying thia instead of my creamy crack lol I am biracial and its hard for me to find products that don't make my hair frizzy or greasey so I gave this a shot and it is horrible I felt like I waisted my $ it looked like I put my finger in a light socket I will never use that product again :-(

  11. I just used this product and it does not smooth the roots like a relaxer and made my hair feel hard. I can deal with having a relaxer disguised as keratin in my hair, but the product stinks awfully bad, so I would rather use the relaxer that doesn't have such a bad smell.


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