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No! Not His Car?

It's Friday and I'm preparing myself for errands before an expected burst of cold weather comes our way.  Speaking of the weather, I meant to share my son's car accident with you all but I'm a tad late.  Don't worry he's fine, but his car is another story.

In early December, my son took his friends home after a college road trip. We were expecting a storm that day and I really didn't want him to drive, but he offered to help by at least dropping his friends off when they arrived back in the cities.  The chaperon dropped them at our house and then my son loaded up his car.  That turned out to be a major mistake.

On his way home, he slid down a hill and lost control of his car.  Not knowing what to do, he applied the brake, but to no avail.  He ran the stop sign and slid out into a busy street with three lanes of traffic.  He missed the first car, but no such luck with second car. His car was T-Boned.  Thankfully, he had already dropped his friends off because they would have been sitting on the side that was hit.  The accident ended up being only 2 blocks from our house!  Ugh!

I am sooo very thankful to God for keeping my son safe and the others too!  But I was ticked off at the whole thing.  You see, I had told my husband and son that he should wait at least until he was 18 yrs. old to get a car, but nooooooo.  Against my better judgement, I let him go ahead and get one.

Don't get me wrong.  My son is a great kid.  I could not ask for a better young man to parent.  He's got a 3.5 grade point average and he's has such great work ethic.  So much so, that he bought his own car
(see here).  If anyone deserved the privileged of driving, he did!

It's just that I worry.  Probably too much.  Needlessly.  I had, have to trust him and God to take perfect care of him.

I think I'm most upset about all of the insurance drama. Can you imagine that an insurance company can charge moi, for this accident even though we weren't driving?  Where do they think I'm going to get another $200 a month?  Are you kidding me?  That's another post all together!

So now, my son is back at it.  Saving up all his money for a car and the huge insurance hike.  I feel so bad for him, but he's been real good about it.  He's not worried one bit!  He surely gets that from his dad.  I'm realizing that I need to fret less, and watch God work this out.  Like a good friend of mine always says, "This is a job for Jesus!"


  1. It's good that he's okay. And very good that he has taken it in stride and is working to move on to the next...

  2. Yeah, it is good. Things could certainly be worse.

  3. I am with you sis - my 16 yo son had an accident in his brother's car last Saturday. I am not looking forward to an increase in insurance rates either. I'll pray for you and you pray for me!

  4. Dedivahdeals- Deal! We'll pray for each other!


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