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Let's Stay Together Marriage Retreat 2013

My husband and I had an awesome time at the Let's Stay Together Marriage Retreat this year.  As always, the retreat provide great workshops, fun, and lots of fellowship with other married couples.  Not to mention the food. The glorious food!

Here are just a few pics that showcase the event.

Finally here!

 Our first night assembly.  Look at all the beautiful couples!

Let the teaching begin!

The Webbs keeping it real!

Hubby and I enjoying our workshop.

Couples praying together.  Beautiful!

Time to eat!

Now, for the Grand Finale.  An evening to celebrate what God has put together.

The reading of the vows.

Love this couple!  Our marriage mentors from Alive ministries.

Who's this fly couple?  We dat fly couple!

The Let's Stay Together founders (in purple) and others who helped out at the conference.

Team members from Alive Ministries put on all of the workshops and did an excellent job!

I have so many pictures but wanted to leave some of it as a surprise just in case you want to attend next year.  If you are a married couple in the Twin Cities area, I highly suggest attending this event.  Your marriage deserves it!

All Photos taken by And More Photography


  1. That's great you guys were able to attend. Were the vows and cake the last night? Did y'all write your own? You looked very beautiful and serene.

    1. Thank you Petula. We had a formal event on the last night where we read vows that were already prepared.


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