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Wordless: Imani Is Not Havin' It!

My grandbaby Imani is getting so big.  I just love this little girl!  We've been out and about with her, but she hates the car seat, that's for sure!

Um..why are you putting me in here?

Aww, where are we going now?



  1. She is such a CUTIEEE!!! I always wanted my baby to have chunky cheeks, but she failed. lol

  2. awwww such a cutie. That first pic she gave you the look. LOL

  3. She sure did! I think she looks like her great grandmother when she does that.

  4. She really is throwing you a look. It's the beginning of 'I'm warning youuuuu... I don't like thiiiissss!" Very cute. My little Autumn has cheeks too (reminds me so much of her mommy) and I always steal those kisses. She just giggles a way. Maybe one day Imani & Autumn can meet. :-)


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