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Ulta's New Metallic Plum #manicuremonday

During the holidays, I made a trip to Ulta to snag some of the great deals that they had.  I decided to grab a stocking stuffer or two for myself.  What? I know you do it too!

This would be my first time trying nail foil.  

Here's the finished result.  It's decent and would probably look better with a black dress or outfit.


1. Cut 1 inch foil squares
2. Paint nails.  I applied 2 coats of the Plum color.
3. When nails are 80% dry, press foil with design facing up.  Hold for 5 seconds.
4. Seal with a clear top coat.

*Tip- be sure you seal the Gold foil.  I made the mistake of not sealing it because I was rushing and the foil came right off!

My thoughts:

This would have been great during the holidays.  I think it's kind of edgy and fun.  I think I'll try the gold foil on other colors to see how I like it.

Have you ever tried a foil manicure?


  1. I love this! Very clever idea! I can see people wearing this on their nails during the winter months and holidays. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I agree with you, Louida. I think it would be much cuter during the holidays. You could get real festive with this look.

  2. Now that is a cool effect!! Looks great on you! #productreviewparty

  3. I've never tried a foil manicure, but yours came out looking so fun I think I want to put one on for the next party I go to!

    1. That's a great idea for a party look. I'll have to keep that in mind too.

  4. I haven't try a nail foil yet.This sounds fun to use and love the final results....

    1. Thank you! I'm please with the final results but I know I'll get better with more practice.


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