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5 Books Female Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Need in the New Year

We've made it through the first week of January and many of us exercising to lose weight, organizing our closets, planning our year and setting goals. The beginning of a new year is also a perfect time for bloggers and entrepreneurs to make goals for the year ahead. 

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Now, I'm not a  new year resolutions type of girl. I'd much rather make practical goals that are easy for me to reach. One goal for me is to read more, which is something we all can do. Especially when it comes to perfecting our craft. 

Many of us are looking for motivational books to help us be successful and I've put together a list of top five new business books for women.

5 Books Female Blogger's & Entrepreneur Need in the New Year

Self Made - Nely Galan In this book the author Nely Galan talks about what it means to be Self Made. It's not about having money, but financial empowerment. The entrepreneur, TV producer and real estate mogul has taken the time to share her valuable and knows nonsense lessons learned about becoming self-made. You'll read inspiring stories of women who became empowered, self-reliant, and rich in every way.

Successful Women Speak Differently - Valerie Burton Author Valorie Burton is telling us that we need to stop underestimating ourselves we are capable of far more than we know. Successful women are often not the most talented or gifted. What they have often learned is that communicating well open stores and gives them influence. Valery in this book Valerie will teach you that your words are powerful tools and it's time to use them to build a life you really want.

In The Company of Women - Grace Bonney
In the company of women, you will see over 100 influential and creative women from all ages races and backgrounds as well as industries. This book is full of practical and inspirational advice for those looking to create their own success while doing it their way.

Power Your Happy - Lisa Sugar see how pop sugar found her Lisa sugar spends her day creating content about pop culture must have accessories make up and so much more. How did she do this? By figuring out what her idea job was and by believing in herself. Now she wants to motivate others to do the same.

Conquer Your Year - Natalie MacNeil The conquer is a tool that every blogger/entrepreneur should have in her arsenal. This inspiring guide will help you delve into planning out your business, dreams, and goals. Conquer your year will help you put your ideas into action and help you set achievable goals. You can start this book at any time of the year.

Which book are you most excited to read?   


  1. Nice compilation of books for the new year. Not a resolution kind of person myself. I will have to check out some of these for inspiration. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I've been looking for a great book to read...these are great choices! I think I am going to buy In The Company of Women - Grace Bonney

  3. These books look like some great choices! I love Valerie Burton and I have some of her audio CDs. I know her book is amazing! Thank you for the reading list for 2017!

  4. I've had the Conquer planner for a year now. It was given to me as a gift but I've yet to open it.

  5. These look great! Glad to see some sisters of color in the mix, too!

  6. Successful Women speak differently seems the most interesting. I've never heard of some of these authors, I need some of these books asap!

  7. I never heard of any of these books and I love to read. I am going to grab them this month.

  8. All of these books seem like must haves but I think I'll start with 'Self Made' by Nely Galan. For some reason the title is really speaking to me.

  9. These all seem like pretty good books. I added a few to my must read list. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I haven't heard of any of these books. Where have I been? I've heard of Lisa Sugar though. I have to check out these books.

  11. I have self-made. I have to check out the rest

  12. I will add two from your list to my must reads of 2017. During the year I read one book per quarter.

  13. All of these titles look great. I'm shocked that I haven't read any of them. Thanks for sharing some new books that I can add to my list this year.


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