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Revival Fried Chicken Restaurant: New St. Paul Location

For those of you that don't know, Revival Fried Chicken has opened up a second location in St. Paul, MN, right on Selby Ave. If you love southern food, you'll definitely want to add this to your list of best twin cities restaurants.

I was blessed with the opportunity to dine at Revival Fried Chicken's new restaurant and brought my son along for some good eatin'.

a table full of southern food

pictures of the inside of Revival Restaurant in St. Paul MN

This is not your average chicken joint. Think upscale southern fare. Much roomier than the Minneapolis location, Revival Fried Chicken St Paul is where it's at. If you still haven't been to Revival restaurant, you're really missing out.

The wait staff and owner kindly greeted us as I picked out a cozy spot by the window. Of course to get good lighting for my pictures. We placed our order after getting settled. Little did we know we were in for a feast!

Appetizers were the first thing to grace our table. We were surprised and so were our taste buds.

Fried green tomatoes with pickle sauce. Yummy!

Herbsaint garlic clams, butter, garlic broth, and texas toast. We don't eat seafood, but I thought I'd show you the lovely presentation. My son tried to work up the courage to try it, but it didn't work. The texas toast was good, though.

Dry rubbed wings
The Dry Rubbed Wings were the best! I don't know their secret but these were honestly some of the best wings I have ever tasted. Seriously! I would order these without hesitation!

As if we weren't pleased enough, waiters began to bring dish after dish. Enough to feed a family of four for sure. We ate practically everything on the Revival restaurant menu!

The heavens shone down upon our bountiful blessings!

That face that says,"You know what I'm about to do!"

Of course, you have to have Sweet Tea at a soul food restaurant. Those sauces in the background are homemade and delicious.

The Mac n Cheese was seasoned and creamy macaroni with a crunchy bread crumb topping.

The Beef Brisket was delicious without anything added to it, but when you add the special Beef Sauce to it, whoa mama was it good!

Hush Puppies - Cornmeal fritters that you can dip in a tangy aioli sauce.

Candied yams were sweet and full of marshmallow goodness.
The Collard Greens had a sweet taste which was different from what I'm used to.

Hoppin’ John
That Hoppin John made me want to hop out of my seat! Very well seasoned rice with black eye peas, peppers, and onions.

The Cornbread muffin was thick and slightly sweet.

a picture of Revival fried chicken

Now for the star of the show! The glorious fried chicken. It was flavorful and crispy, just like it should be.

We ended our meal with dessert and my son scarfed his pie down. He was full but he managed to make room. My Pecan pie was made with Sorghum which is similar to syrup.

One of the things that really impressed me about this restaurant is that they put the customer first. Don't eat pork? They will accommodate you by frying the chicken in vegetable oil. It's all about making the most pleasant dining experience for you. Gotta love that!

What's my favorite item on the menu? Well, if I had to choose, I'd pick the Dry Rubbed chicken Wings and the Hoppin John.

Here's a quick tip before I go. Revival is very popular and you may have long lines so be prepared. But honestly, everything here is amazing and worth the wait.

Thanks for a wonderful evening Revival! We're going to sleep well tonight!

Revival Saint Paul
525 Selby Ave
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Open Daily: 11am – Midnight


  1. Thank you for this review Stacie! We will be eating here, I don't care for sweet greens, but everything else looked really good! So much has changed on Selby, I grew up on those streets! ;)

    1. Ha, so did Kevin lol. Things have definitely changed for the better! You'll really like it.

  2. It's breakfasts time but I want some chicken now! The menu looks DELICIOUS!!! And I love the decor of the restaurant!

    1. Looking at these pictures make me hungry all over again!

  3. Those dried rubbed wings look amazing. It actually all looks amazing. And your photography is amazing!!!!

  4. This definitely sounds like a place I would love... Deliciously fried chicken, I'm Everything looked very delicious... Not sure, when I would get to try this restaurant but I would definitely, keep this restaurant in mind and be on the look out for it when I travel. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You've got to travel way up North to good ole Minnesnowta if you can handle it lol.

  5. ouuuu that food is looking really good!

  6. Yes to that brisket, candied yams, and hoppin john! Those are the dishes that jumped right out at me. I'm a southern girl so I'm critical about my soul food but these dishes look yummy. I'll have to keep this location in mine next time I'min that area.

  7. Girl, this food is calling my name. Goodness gracious!

  8. I clearly need to visit Minnesota. Everything looks amazing.

  9. Oh man, this food looks soooo good! I would love to dive into that mac n cheese and that fried chicken looks so crispy! The crispness is my favorite part!!!!

  10. I wanted to reach through the screen and grab a piece of that fried chicken. Everything honestly looked so delicious!

  11. Lord have mercy, I might (or might not) have drooled when I saw those beautiful pieces of chicken! Goodness! My city is lacking!

  12. Everything on this table looks delicious. I'm a sucker for good fried chicken.

  13. You had me at finger licking good fried chicken. I must say that corn bread muffin looked delicious and I find it hard to find good corn

  14. Oh my goodness, this would have put me in a food coma for a week - I love southern cuisine!!!! #ProductReviewParty

  15. Great review of a new place. The plating & food looks stunning. I love the background decor too. I want those chairs. That is awesome you got to try it out. Nom Nom! If I was ever in that area I would so eat there because of this post. Really! #productreviewparty

  16. OMG!!! That food looks delicious! Now I want some fried green tomatoes, hoppin John, and some cornbread. :)

  17. Omgg, be still my heart! Yum! Luv the plating! #ProductReviewParty

  18. Oh wow!delicious food!Its a great review with lot of food pics that make inviting!

  19. Wow, a delicious post! I could see Mr. M going to this restaurant often! I got my eyes on that scrumptious pie. Girl, you got me hungry. LOL!


  20. Those wings and yams look so delicious. Ya'll were definitely spoiled there with all that great food.


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