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Protect Your Natural Hair this Winter with Divatress

I can't believe it snowed over the weekend. Ugh, that's just rude! Thankfully, it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Whether I like it or not old man winter is on his way and the wash and go hairstyle I love to wear so much will be going bye-bye.

a black woman wearing a black bob wig

This is a sponsored post but my wig and opinions are my own.

Most of you know that I decided to wear my natural hair in May and I'm in desperate need of some new protective hairstyles and I'm considering wearing wigs this fall and winter.

Shh... It's a Wig!

Gone are the days where it was taboo to tell people you wear a wig. I can remember woman whispering to other woman when they asked who did their hair only to find out it was actually a wig.

Honestly, there are some cute wigs out there on the internets and it is super easy to buy wigs online. And they're affordable too! That makes this sistah happy.

Where to Buy Wigs Online

black models wearing different wigs

Divatress is a leading beauty website that offers thousands of wigs and more. Consider it a one-stop shop for all of your hair care needs. Many people shop at Divatress from beauticians to moms who want to look their best.

I'm currently eyeing a half wig that might look really good with my wavy/curly natural hair texture.

This beauty is called Outre Half Wig in Penny. I just love how versatile wigs can be! Don't you?

a black woman wearing an equal freetress black wig

Here, I'm rocking my favorite wig, the Freetress Equal Lace Front Wig in Michelle. Isn't she cute? I purchased it a while ago but here are two similar styled wigs that you can purchase from Divatress.

Freetress Equal Kama wig

Motown Tress Lace Wig in Tanya

I've seen quite a few wigs that I plan on adding to my beauty wish list. Stay tuned to see which wig I end up with!

Do you wear wigs as a protective style? Do you buy wigs online?



  1. I'm currently rocking a wig but I had to get mine custom made. I'm scared to order them online and run the risk of it not looking like the picture. They are very versatile and some days I don't wear one I just wear scarves on my head and dress it up with hats.

    1. Getting a custom wig sounds like something I'd love to try.

  2. That blonde curly wig is SCREAMING my name! Love this! I've been wig gang for nearly 4 years now and never looked back! Thanks for sharing these cute styles!

  3. This is great and on point for rolling into fall and winter. I have long locs but wigs with a wig cap in my case would be a great alternative.

  4. I actually want to buy a wig for that same reason. I want it to look real though. That's important.

  5. I've heard great things about Divatress. Let me check out the inventory. I am definitely down for a wig.

  6. These wigs are bomb! I’ve never worn a wig but I’ve been considering it lately. Definitely have to check out their website.

    1. There were quite a few that I could see myself rocking.

  7. I like the wig you chose, it's not doing too much. Sometimes on IG I see women with bouncy wigs down to their bottom and I think it's gaudy. But your is simple, yet cute.

  8. I do enjoy wearing wigs from time to time just to change up my look but I dont wear that too often as I want my natural hair and scalp to breathe.

  9. I got a wig over the weekend. I got it for Halloween but I totally plan to rock it this winter. I’ve decided to grow my hair out.

  10. I've never worn a wig, but I love them as a protective style! All of these wigs look great!

  11. I loooove wigs. They really are my go to when I want to try a new style. I'm currently growing my hair back out after rocking a fade all summer and wigs are my everyday!

  12. I like that one on you. I have a few clip in accessories to make my pony tail look fuller etc.

  13. I love the wig you chose, looks natural on you. It's been years since I've last worn a wig. I have been debating on wearing them to help give my hair a break and prevent me from becoming scissor happy.



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