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Kamik Winter Boots for the Family

Winter is here, the snow has fallen, and it's cold outside. It's time to pull out your winter weather gear if you haven't already.

Kamik Rouge9 boot in black

This year my family will be wearing fashionable winter boots thanks to KamikSeveral weeks ago my family and I were invited to a fun event at Edinborough Park in Edina to take a look at the new boots from Kamik. We were able to pick out a pair of winter boots to try out for ourselves.

Kamik wants you to step outside and they have a wide range of boots for the entire family. Baby girl wasn't feeling the picture but enjoyed her arts and crafts.

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Kamik women and childrens boots

Kamik is all about protecting your feet while keeping you warm and fashionable this winter. They provide footwear for women, men, and children that features waterproof styles and materials like Dri DEFENSE, and 3M Thinsulate.  

a black woman wearing black Kamik boots outside

Kamik Rouge9 boot in black

My daughter is wearing the Kamik Rouge9 boots in black. They are fashionable with an urban street style. They're also waterproof and provide lots of traction perfect for on the go busy moms.

These boots are really warm and her feet don't get cold at all. Recently it snowed and we had a lot of ice. She mentioned that her boots gave her good grip as she walked the icy sidewalks.

a purple pair of Kamik girls boots

My grandbabies are booth wearing their Kamik Ava in Purple/teal and are a waterproof nylon boot with adjustable lacing system and a soft faux fur top.

She loves her purple boots and they keep her feet warm and toasty. 

a teen wearing men's Kamik black boots

My son chose the Kamik Griffin boot in black which is a perfect for guys and has an urban flair to it. The rugged design is stylish enough for city life or a snowy day at the park.

I would recommend Kamik to anyone who is looking to upgrade their boot game this winter season!

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Have you tried Kamik boots before?

This is not a sponsored post. We received samples for our review.


  1. Those boots look comfy and chic. I can see myself wearing them even when it's not snowing.

    1. Aren't they cute? I wanted these boots but they were out.

  2. I love the style of these boots and they seem to be super comfortable. The purple boot your granddaughter wears is too cute!

  3. These boots look strong and fashionable for winter weather

  4. These are some pretty sazzy boots. I love the purple ones on your daughter. So adorable.

  5. Great review I've never heard of Kamik before, but the boots look amazing and comfortable to wear.

  6. Those boots are really cute. Love your daughter's purple boots, my 6 year old would LOVE them. I also love their duck boots.

  7. I really like those boots in black and brown. I might have to consider those when my son gets bigger. He's only one right now.

  8. These boots look very comfortable. You also look really stylish while keeping warm during the winter months.

  9. With this mega freeze we are experiencing these boots are right on time. I love the urban style to them.

  10. These boots are really cute and fashionable! Lovely photos of the snow.

  11. As a Chicago native, warm boots are priority above fashion, but cute boots and warm boots, yes! These look great, and they also look like they would make our winter adventures a lot more enjoyable than they are now.

  12. My daughter had a pair of Kamik boots last year. The weird thing is that they cracked (the base). I guess they couldn't handle the rapid temperature changes. The look great though and kept her very warm while she had them.

  13. Those are perfect boots for the winter season. They look cute and comfy not mention the added style to it.

  14. Those boots look so warm and stylish! I love the little purple ones. Also a huge plus that they are waterproof!

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