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Clean Beauty Products to Add to Your Beauty Regimen

If you love clean beauty products than this post is for you. I'm trying out new to me organic skin care products that I got inside my 2019 Whole Foods Beauty Bag.

Whole Foods beauty bag contents on a white table

Last year I heard about the Whole Foods Beauty Bag but missed it, so this year I marked my calendar to make sure I wouldn't miss the sale. Whole Foods Limited Edition Beauty Bags have a value of $100 and sell for twenty bucks. Now that is right up my alley! There were two different beauty bags to choose from but I chose the black one since the items were more suited towards my taste.

Clean Beauty Products to Add to Your Beauty Regimen

The clean beauty products inside my Whole Foods Beauty Bag were:

Whole Foods beauty bag on a white table

*A handmade Queen Alaffia make up bag which will get put to use right away!

a woman's hand holding cocokind golden elixir

*Cocokind Golden Elixir. An oil that can be put on the face, body, and hair. This one smells great and I'll probably add it to my hair.

*Evanhealy Whipped Shea Butter for lips. This is the first thing I opened because I am a lip balm fanatic and I have to say I did like this one quite a bit. My lips stayed nice and hydrated and the container is big so it'll last a while.

Whole Foods beauty bag contents on a white table

*Acure Radically Rejuvenating Under Eye Gel Mask. I really hope this one helps with my dark circles under my eyes.

*Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. I really like this one. I've been in need of a facial scrub and this black scrub was just what I was looking for.

a woman holding Burt's Bees products

*Burts Bees Tidal Taupe Liquid lipstick.  The color of this liquid lipstick is more suitable for fair skin tones but the formula is highly pigmented and goes on smooth and glossy.

*Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Towelettes. I like to use these to remove my eye makeup and it did a decent job.

*Andalou Naturals Happy Day Cream - well well well, a cannabis moisturizer? It amazes me how this stuff is showing up everywhere.

 a woman holding weleda moisturizer

*Weleda Almond Sensitive Care Facial Cream to be smooth on the face neck and d├ęcolletage after cleansing. This smell wonderful and was thick on my face.

*Alba Bontanica Color Lip Care SPF 25 is a sunscreen lip balm. I love the cocoa butter feel and scent but it had a nasty taste to it so I didn't use it.

 a woman holding Giovanni Hot Oil treatment

*Giovanni Repairing Blackberry and Coconut oil hot oil hair treatment. I cannot wait to try this out! I plan to use this when I straighten my hair soon.

*Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask - I'll add this to my ever-growing facial mask collection.

 a woman holding Thayers witch hazel

*Thayers Cucumber Alcohol-free Witch Hazel with aloe vera - I've been hearing a lot about this witch hazel.

*Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara - more on this one below. ↓


This is a great beauty bag for the price. I've seen other store beauty boxes that don't come with half of the goodies as this one did. Plus it's a great way to try out new beauty products, especially green beauty products.


 a woman holding empty Mineral Fusion mascara

I really like the bag but there were a few concerns. The Mineral Fusion mascara was empty. I mean dry as a bone. I'm not sure what happened but there was absolutely no product inside. I'm going to take it back and see if Whole Foods will give me another sample.

Even though the Burt's Bees Liquid Lipstick was not a good color for my skin tone, I would actually buy this in another shade because the formula was exactly what I want in a liquid lipstick.

All in all, I'm really excited to use these organic makeup and skincare products.


Which organic beauty products would you be interested in trying?


  1. i had no clue Whole Foods had a beauty bag. For the price the samples seem well worth it. Thanks for sharing

  2. You've taught me something new! I didn't even know WholeFoods has a beauty bag. I think since I've stopped beauty bloging I'm so far out of the loop.

  3. I can't believe they gave you empty mascara. That actually was the one I was most interested in trying.

  4. I am becoming a fan of these facial masks. I'll look for this one too. It feels so good when I'm done wearing one and I can multi-task when wearing it.

  5. You got a lot of good products, products I would actually use. Thayers is on my list of products I want to try.

  6. I love this beauty list! Thayers is one of my favorite brand.

  7. OMG! You got so much for the price! I am a big fan of sheet masks. This bag is perfect!

  8. I must admit I'm not big on beauty products but when I get them I am always searching the ones that are as natural as possible. I will keep this list to help me on my future shopping trips ;)

  9. I just have to take a moment and let you know that I always enjoy viewing your flat-lays. Once again you knocked this post out of the park. Way to go!!!

  10. Love me all things face! From masks to elixirs, I just cannot get enough. Can't wait to check some of these out.

  11. Thank you for posting this! I have been on a skincare kick. Additionally, I have been using the Burt’s Bee toothpaste and I LOVE it. I’ve been thinking about using Thayers toners, but I love my ACV!

  12. I never knew Whole Foods have a beauty bag! You got a lot of great stuff. I would use everything in this month's bag.

  13. I only use natural clean products for my skincare, this looks awesome, especially that accure scrub

  14. I like Thayer's. I'm always looking for clean beauty products. I will check out some of these.


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