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After School Snacks for You and Your Kids

This post is sponsored by MomsMeet. Opinions are all mine. Wow, I seriously can't believe school is about to start next week! It feels like summer just began. Nevertheless, it's time to start thinking about preparing for the back-to-school season.

olives and fruit on a marble table

My son and granddaughter come home from school and they are famished! You would think they haven't eaten all day. That's when grandma comes to the rescue. I like to pick up snacks when I head to the grocery store during the school year. Let me tell you these little girls are hungry! My Gbaby gets downright hangry! I've got to make sure the kids have what they need to satisfy them until dinner time. One of my personal favorite snacks is olives. I have been snacking on olives since I was little. 

olives in a lunch bag

Just some facts about Lindsay Snack and Go! Olives 

*Did you know olives are actually a fruit? I had no idea!

*Are keto-friendly, whole 30, paleo vegan, and gluten-free diet-friendly

*They do not contain artificial flavors, are non-GMO and BPA free packaging.

*Priced between $2.99 - $3.99

olives to go packs

Lindsay Snack and Go Olives come in a variety of flavors including Kalamata, black olives, sliced black olives, and Spanish green olives.  The packaging comes in little cups that are convenient and are also liquid-free so you don't have to worry about little messes. Right now you can save 20% off your order of  when you use code LINDSAYVIP19 at 

After School Snack Ideas









other fruits

Have you tried Lindsay Snack and Go Olives yet? What is your favorite after school snack?


  1. I really thought olives were vegetables. Who knew? I started eating them late in life. But these look so good though!


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