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Should You Try CBD Oil?

CBD Oil has been all over the news and I've been curious about CBD oil and whether or not it would work for me.

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I've actually been considering taking CBD oil for a while now. My life is hectic and I have a lot of stress which sometimes leads to anxiety. I've heard a lot of people say they take CBD Oil for stress and use it to keep calm.

As I get older, my anxiety and stress levels seem to be getting worse. I don't like to personally take medications and I try to use natural ways to relieve stress like exercise, prayer and meditation, and my favorite, walking around the lake. But lately, my anxiety is getting out of hand.

Bloggers are posting reviews about trying CBD oil, news reports and stories about CBD oil are popping up about people even having success giving it to their kids and pets. I don't know about that but the whole CBD oil trend is a bit intriguing to me.

What is CBD Oil?

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If you aren't already aware, CBD Oil, Cannabidiol, was discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identifying cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and accounts for 40% of the plants extract. In 2018 clinical research on Cannabidiol including preliminary studies of anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. Cannabidiol can be taken in many ways into the body and CBD oil only contains CBD as the active ingredient, no THC (what gets people high). CBD does not have the same cycle activity as THC.

CBD oil
I was sent a complimentary sample so that I could try Medterra CBD Oil for myself.

Just the facts about Medterra CBD Oil

*Medterra CBD oil tincture it's made with Medterra 99% plus CBD and MCT oil's in strengths of 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000mg.

*Grown and extracted in the United States

*Each CBD tincture contains 30 servings they can be taken day or night

*Each Medterra product is tested by third-party to ensure consistency and quality

*All of Medterra's CBD products contain 0% THC guaranteed

*One 1000 mg bottle retails for around $55.99

Stacie Raye readers can save 15% on your first order by using the code MOMSMEET.

CBD oil on pink towel

Is CBD oil right for you?

You may have many questions about whether or not CBD oil is right for you. I don't blame you I have the same questions myself. Especially as a person of faith. However, I have heard about people getting real results after using CBD oil. The bottom line is you have to make the decision on whether or not CBD oil is right for you.

So this is what happened when I took it...

As I said before, I really don't like taking meds or mind-altering substances but I really did want to give this a try. The directions said to take one dropper-full and put it under your tongue. Because I didn't really know how I would react to the dosage I took about a third of a normal amount. I noticed a buzzed type of feeling that only lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes or so.

Later that night, I woke up around about 3am from a dream that I was pregnant on the operating table and birthed a 2-year-old sized baby that was having trouble breathing. Now that could have been the nachos I had for dinner but I thought I should mention it just in case.

Honestly, I tried this once and I might only use this if I feel an anxiety attack coming on or if I'm under a ton of pressure and nothing else seems to work.

To learn more about Medterra CBD Oil follow on:

So what do you think? Have you or will you try CBD Oil?


  1. I haven't taken CBD oil, but I know people who do. I have a friend who uses something -medical marijuana w/o the THC to help with her back pain.
    It's a very personal decision. But the CBD market seems to be huge.

    1. You're right the market is huge right now and CBD oil is popping up everywhere medical marijuana is legal.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing. Is it something that would work for me? The other thing I have been wondering is how something that once had such a bad stigma is now so great! Which is why I had to stop caring about what people think if I were to try it because they are only going to think what people tell them to think anyway. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Exactly! I had a lot of questions and inner conflict about whether or not I should try it or not. Not because of others but just how I feel personally about it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. CBD oil is something we hear about, but rarely do we get a look at a first-timers experience.

    1. You're welcome. That was the main reason I wanted to share about it.

  4. CBD oil is everywhere. This is interesting that you tried it, I still do not think its for me at the moment.

  5. I been seeing CBD oils everywhere! Like you, due to my faith I have not tried it. I don't think I'm going to try it at the moment, I still got to give it some thought.

  6. This post is so eye opening because I wanted to know more about it myself. Thanks for sharing doll.

  7. I've been curious too. I actually just got a sample CBD face mask. I'ma try it soon cause I'm really interested in how it will make me feel. I'm not expecting to get high (although that would be fine too. lol) I just hear so much about I wanna know if it's for me.


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