Home Improvement Projects to do This Weekend

Spring is in full effect and now that we have all of this time on our hands, it only makes sense that we start our home improvement projects.

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Time to grab your cute toolset and get started on these quick ways to update your home. contains some affiliate links.

Home Improvement Projects to do This Weekend  


Kitchen cabinet hardware - I am excited to finally add new handles to my kitchen cabinets but I plan to paint them first.

lemon table decor

Tableware - Last year I bought lovely lemon tableware and matching lemon placemats. It's pretty and freshens up our kitchen table.

Kitchen Counters - I'm going to be painting our kitchen counters with a new paint kit from Giani. Look for this project soon.


Bathroom Faucet - We updated our bathroom with a fresh new faucet last year. It was easy and looks nice.

Towels - This is the easiest way to update your bathroom and take seconds to replace old towels.

Showerhead - I currently have a Waterpik and love it. The multi-setting showerhead has many settings from waterfall to massaging that is great for a morning massage.


Paint or Wallpaper - Freshen up a boring bedroom with a fresh coat of paint or a pretty wallpaper.

Storage and organizing - I recently purchased a pink chest as storage for my gbabies toys and such. It's cute and can serve as a place to sit.

Do you have any home improvement projects in the works?

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