Uplift Those Girls! - Platex truSupport Review

Time to talk about the girls.  Uh...not your daughters, but those two friends of yours.  You know, who I'm talking about?  Are the gals in need of a pick me up?

As a well endowed girl on top, I find that I constantly need a good, supportive, brazier.  When I heard about the opportunity to review a Platex Bra from Bzzagent, I was chanting "Pick Me, pick me".  And...they did!  Here's what's was inside my Bzzkit.

Here's the facts:

*Balconette design features wide-set straps, perfect for sexy, open necklines
*Seamless contoured cups and hidden underwire
*Cushioned cottony-lined Comfort Strap® design

*truSupport 4-way Support System means:


  • Higher sides for secure coverage and support


  • Comfortable straps help reduce bounce and prevent digging


  • Rounder, accommodating cups mean less spillage and proper hold for a natural shape


  • Wider, smooth backs for stability without ride-up

My thoughts:

I wanted a black bra but found that the nude color worked better with my wardrobe.   And the girls ...well, they were singing with joy!  Nice and perky! (snickers)

This is one of the best store bought bras I've gotten.  I usually purchase them from Lane Bryant, but I found that this bra worked extremely well in providing the support I need.  The only draw back is that the band was a little tight.  I may need to be refitted though.

I would recommend this bra to anyone looking to replace their old ones.


  1. I love a really good bra. I have not tried this one. I will have to try it. I love the color. Very cute.

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I usually go for black bras so they're not visible but I'm now realizing that nude works so much better.

  2. You surely can't beat a good bra! Glad you have one that works well for you. I have one that got discontinued and it is my FAVORITE. I will wear it 'til it falls apart!

    1. Oh yeah, I know all about wearing bras 'til they fall apart lol.

  3. I'm always on the hunt for a new, better bra. Thanks for the review. xo


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