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Life Lately : When Emergency Surgery Interrupts Your Holidays

When I look back on it now, I can see that God was working things out and advance. My son had really wanted to put up our Christmas tree the weekend before Thanksgiving which is a tad bit early for us.

a Christmas tree

Usually, I say wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations, but this year I didn't mind, though it felt a little bit awkward. It was funny, he wanted to listen to Christmas music and all. I let him but quickly had him turn it off because I just wasn't ready.

I had already done my thanksgiving shopping but couldn't decide on a turkey. For some reason, this year I felt impressed to buy a fresh turkey, the kind that doesn't require thawing. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to that unction and purchased a frozen one.

My husbands birthday is always close to thanksgiving and we went to one of his favorite upscale BBQ restaurants. A gentleman approached us and asked if we were enjoying our food because he paid for our entire meal. What a blessing! It let me know that there are still good people out there. Looking back, I know God was saying, I got you.

The next morning, I woke up with a stomach ache. Great, I got bad food, I thought. No one else was sick but I had baked beans so I blamed it on that. Feeling sick to my stomach, I somehow managed to take my son to school. I dragged myself back into bed afterward, and tried to sleep it off. But somehow, this felt different. Thinking I picked up a stomach virus, I made a trip to the doctor.

I should've known something was off when they suggested I get an immediate cat scan. But I never put the pieces together.

"You have appendicitis and its a really quick surgery......"

The words just faded as tears rolled down my face. I have to get surgery? The day before Thanksgiving? 

You see, I don't really care to cook normally, but the holidays? Well, that's when I go hard in the paint. Besides, my husband has never even cut up celery for me, how would he pull off Thanksgiving? Honestly, these were the least of my worries. I would be having immediate surgery and that's pretty serious.

All went well as far as getting an emergency appendectomy goes. I spent two days in the hospital and was released the night before Thanksgiving. I was glad to be going home because as you often see in hospitals, many do not get that opportunity.

a Thanksgiving feast
Image credit Kowalski's Markets
I had no clue that the next day was indeed turkey day. With no meal preparation, we literally had to wing it. I knew Kowalski's advertised a fully cooked turkey so my husband picked one up before they closed for the night. My family loved it even though I thought it was nasty. Maybe my taste buds were off.

a pan of baked macaroni

Thankfully, I bought pre-cut collard greens and my hubby put those in the crock pots. We had our store bought pies including Patti Label's Sweet Potato Pie. Everything was pretty much done accept for the macaroni. The next morning, I just talked my kids through the steps as I sat there heavily medicated. My son even made his grandmother's recipe for sweet potatoes with no help from me. You go boy!

Everything turned out delicious! I even suggested we do this every year. I got no takers on that one.

Through this ordeal, I learned that God was with me and though I cannot tell you why it had to happen, I know his hand was guiding me, guiding us all, through it all. I can't help but get misty eyed as I think of one of my favorite songs by Deitrick Haddon.

"Lord your with me through it all, Lord your with me through it all".

I also learned that my family really does have my back. My hubby has been waiting on me hand and foot. You know I'm enjoying every bit of it too. I still have pain, I move slowly and if it weren't for blogging apps and built in microphones, I wouldn't be writing this today. But I'm here. We caught this thing before it burst which could have been really bad.  

There's just one thing I missed. Black Friday.

Image credit: Some Facebook foolishness.

Yep, I thought about it!


  1. Thank God you are feeling better and really that's what a Thanksgiving is all about. You were still able to spend time with your family

  2. Hahah! That last picture is hilarious I cannot even deal! I'm glad you made it out to be with your family for the holidays!

    1. I cracked up ever so softly so my stomach wouldn't hurt lol.

  3. Thank God you are alright! I am suffering from an injury myself and had to visit the ER during Thanksgiving weekend. I was bummed out but I took it as a sign telling me to sit down and slow down. Praying for a healthy recovery!

    1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that! Speedy recovery to you too.

  4. Happy that you are ok and recovering well. Great article and I love how your family rallied around you and made sure Thanksgiving dineer was fabulous.

  5. Okay, I had to laugh at that last picture, but seriously - I'm glad you're alright! And those laid back holidays where someone does the cooking and you get loved on isn't so bad either (minus surgery, of course). I agree, we all should do that every year and I'm sure I'll get no one on my side to agree with me either:(

  6. I'm happy to hear that everything went well and that your family still had a great Thanksgiving. I hope your recovery goes well.

  7. hahah at your last picture had me laughing. Honestly God knows all before you do and he set it up that everything was taken care of. Including you!

    1. Yes, girl yes! He was and still is in total control.

  8. I'm glad that you're doing well and I'm also glad that you weren't the one in the FaceBook photo LOL

  9. Girl o my! That stinks you had this and was in pain. I am saying a prayer now for your fast healing. God did have your back. Your family did have your back! God is so good and it all worked out the way it should. Your family prob learned something to.... just how valuable you are! You get well girl! That last picture made me laugh... how in the world would a person go to the store like that? Lol!

  10. oh my, so sorry to hear about your hospitalization but glad that you are back home safe and sound. Great that the family pitched in and did their best - you are truly blessed, now get plenty of rest! #ProductReviewParty

  11. Aww, darlin, sorry about the hospitalization and hope your feeling better. I'm glad you and the family still had a nice Thanksgiving and God was watching out and guiding. Take care hon and many blessing to you all. Tree is lovely!! #productreviewparty

  12. God is good! I've been keeping you in my prayers. So glad you're doing okay and you're at home resting with your family helping you out.

    Back in October, Mr. M's was hospitalize when he was in a serious car accident and ejected 80 feet from his cargo van. He almost died from it, but God healed him and he lives to share his testimony. And you as well! *Hugs*

    Peace and blessings to you my friend. Rest up!



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