Refresh Your Living Room this Summer

Since we've all been spending a lot more time at home lately, it's been more important than ever to enjoy the space you live in. Updating your home decor is an easy way to freshen your space. The key is to make small changes without breaking the bank.

a woman standing next to her couch

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During the summertime, I'm usually out and about enjoying the warm weather and getting together with family or attending outdoor events and festivals. I'm usually too busy having fun to worry about refreshing my living room decor. Simply because I'm just not home.

That's not the case this year. This year is a lot different and we're all spending way more time at home. I've been really wanting to brighten up my living room furniture this summer by making a few easy changes.

Refresh Your Living Room this Summer

Today I want to share my personal tips on how you can refresh your summer living room. Hopefully, it gives you some summertime decorating inspiration.

Add Beach or Tropical Wall Art

a beach painting on a wall

I am a firm believer that you can switch out seasonal wall art. You can find inexpensive wall art around $10 to $20 depending on the size. I purchased a large beach painting a few years back and it looks good year-round but it especially goes great with our new summer decor.

Add summer throw pillows

I decided to choose throw pillows with a bold pop of color. Yellow screams summer to me and I thought I was finished there but then I decided to add this bold turquoise and green palm leaf pillows to the couch and it gave me tropical vibes that went well with the beach wall art that we already own.

a woman adding summer pillows to her couch

Add plants to your living room decor

Okay, I have to be honest. I am not a plant lady and I have been know to have a brown thumb. But this year I have taken an interest in trying to learn how to take care of plants more than I ever have before. So far I've been successful with a plant that I bought a few months ago. Truth be told, I'm surprised it's still living. I had to revive it in the beginning but it seems to be doing well now.

blue green and yellow pillows on a grey couch next to a fren plant

fake and real plants on an end table

Another tip is to purchase fake plants and add them to your home. I have quite a few of these around the house. See the Ivy vine in the back? That is artificial greenery that I got from Amazon while the fern and other plants are real.

Light a Summer Scented Candle

a tray with a tropical candle and a plant on it

I know what you're thinking, "It is too hot to burn a candle sis". I know, and while I wouldn't suggest burning a candle of you don't have airconditioning, I still like to light a summer scented candle every now and then. It looks great and makes my home smell fresh. Plus it adds to the overall look of the room you're decorating.

a woman sitting on her living room floor

Now, the living room really gives me a vacation vibe with the palm leaf prints and beach wall art. It's the summer vacation I wish I could take right now. All of these small changes were affordable and easy enough for anyone to do. I plan to tackle my kitchen on my next project so stay tuned to see more home inspiration.

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Do you enjoy home decor tips? Let me know what other types of home topics you would like to see here at Stacie Raye!


  1. I normally shy away from decorating, since we’re home I’ve been getting into it. I need more paintings and pillows in my life.

  2. I remember seeing your post on ig - I am all for changing things out wih the seasons and brightening it up for the summer!

  3. You know i’m here for plants and candles! this is a great refresh cause it’s exactly like you said, done without breaking the bank...adding new accent pillows is one of the ways i like to switch it up!!

  4. Home decor has been a huge focus area for me during the pandemic. The house is still newish so I never had the time to make it feel like a home. Now we have art on the walls, and I've purchased new chairs for the livingroom and everything. I'm all the way in specially since we will do distance learning until Jan. 29, 2021.

  5. I just ordered new candles and I can't wait for them to arrive. We definitely need to freshen up the summer scents around our house!

  6. As a true plant mom i love the plant pillows. I need me some of those.


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