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How to Celebrate Your Birthday in the Middle of Winter

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. But having a winter birthday sometimes means I'm confined to my house. Just last year, we had a polar vertex with air temperatures in the -20 range. Brrr!

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So what's a birthday girl to do? Stay inside? Pout? No way! I've got a few tried and true birthday ideas for celebrating your special day no matter how cold it is.

How to Celebrate Your Birthday in the Middle of Winter

Go shopping! 

I know we don’t need a reason to go shopping but it’s so much fun to go shopping on your birthday because you can pick up all of your birthday freebies and have a free lunch or dessert while you’re at it.

Have tea with your girlfriends

One birthday I decided to meet my girlfriends at my favorite Twin Cities restarant Café Latte where we had afternoon tea and sandwiches. It was so much fun to hang out and get out of the house and be bougie.

Go to the spa

It’s cold outside so why not go to a warm spa. Years ago I visited the Aveda school where I got a head to toe pampering that included a manicure, pedicure, and hairstyle all at a discounted price. It was a fun way to celebrate my birthday and a great reason to get out of the house.


Get that birthday glow the old fashion way with a good old workout by heading to your local workout facility. Once, I decided I will go to Lifetime Fitness with a free pass and I did a little walking and cardio on the rowing machine. Then I finished the day with a warm soak in the Jacuzzi. You can also top it off by sitting in a warm sauna.

Go embrace the outdoors. 

Or not. Seriously though. Just because my birthday is in the middle of winter doesn't mean I love it but I have learned to try and go with the flow. If you aren't afraid of a little cold, there are tons of things that you can do. Have a sledding party with friends or go to a skiing resort. Even a quick
walk outside will do you good.

a black woman making a snowball

Having a winter birthday doesn't have to be boring. It's important to celebrate yourself no matter what the weather is like outside.

Do you have a winter birthday? What do you do to celebrate your special day?


  1. Love! LOVE! Who needs a reason to celebrate though? 🤣 Ladies we need to take this advice and just pamper ourselves at least once every other week!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. Yes! I agree as a November birthday!! Go shopping and get together with the girls! My two favorite things to do.

  3. Yes, I have a late fall bday and sometimes I hate it! I usually say I'll celebrate it in the spring or summer, but by then, it's almost time for it to come again. I'm usually bored by the dinner or drinks deal. What do I do? Sometimes, nothing. Cry about being somewhere else or hangout with friends, if I can. It's close to Christmas, so usually I'm drinking something.

  4. I honestly feel terrible for those winter birthdays. You make it fab though! Amazing post!

  5. These are such great ideas! Especially embracing the winter instead of fighting it. But a birthday spa day is always a good idea, no matter the time of year.

  6. Great ideas! My bday is in the summer but I am down for a spa day anytime of the year! Happy Birthday to you!

  7. My birthday is actually tomorrow so great post. I have a fun day planned bday lunch and dinner, makeup and movie plans and possibly an event party. There is always something to do year round.

  8. I definitely love the idea of going to the spa! It lets you take your mind off your stresses and the cold weather!!

  9. My birthday is summer/fall, so it's hot during my birthday. Great ideas for winter birthdays! I hope you had a fabulous birthday Sis!!!

  10. One thing for certain we have to make the best of whenever our birthdays fall ! Some neat ideas for all the winter babies !

  11. You shared some great tips. I don't have a winter birthday but I have a few friends that do and they could definitely use some of your ideas.

  12. Those are fun ideas for winter. Here in Georgia, you can have a winter birthday and it may be 70 degrees. Our son has a March birthday, we've been able to have a few of his parties outside!

  13. Look at you looking all fabulous while freezing, LOL! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! My birthday is in December and I usually just treat myself by ordering stuff online and maybe some takeout or Instacart goodies. I want to make an effort to do something this year though!


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